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I bought an Anniversary Vera Wang mattress set that is not comfortable any more. Therefore, I am willing to invest in a topper that would correct the sagging problem.

Please advise if there is a topper with cooling effect made by Serta that would help my mattress set?

Also, I feel that if this mattress set was manufactured as a flip mattress just maybe it would have lasted LONGER..... If I had know about this website, I would have written much, much sooner!!!

asked Nov 23 '13
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Welcome to GoodBed!

Many companies make a topper with CoolGel Foam. We make one in our store at Nest Bedding but if you search the net, many companies do.

I hate seeing people throw good money at bad. When a bed starts sagging, as it sounds like yours is doing, putting a topper on it means you will soften up the bed, but the topper will follow whatever sagging the mattress is doing. And they sag usually because the low density foam in them tend to wear quickly.

Good luck!

answered Nov 24 '13
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I concur, a mattress topper is great for a firm mattress, but most of them will not do anything for support. Since you have a Serta, you should look into contacting the manufacturer you may have some $$$ left on your warranty, if you have not voided any terms and conditions. Double sided mattresses are nothing special, I can go on and on, but most companies make double sided mattresses for hotels only. Which there is a very good reason.

Good Luck!

answered Nov 24 '13
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A latex topper sleeps cool. If you also need support, get a 2" Dunlop.

answered Nov 25 '13
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We're sorry to hear you're not enjoying your mattress. We recommend contacting the store of purchase or Serta (888-55-SERTA) for warranty service to see if there is an issue we can help resolve.

answered Dec 04 '13
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