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Will a manufacturer still honor a warranty on a mattress that was discontinued in December 2012? I am referring to the 20-year prorated warranty on the Paula Deen Savannah Evening mattress.

asked Aug 27 '13
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Yes, your warranty will still be honored if the model is discontinued. In the event that you qualify for warranty replacement, we would replace with the most comparable model still in production.

answered Sep 09 '13
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Anonymous ♦
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Yes, a manufacturer warranty for manufacturer defects, would still be honored for a discontinued style. If you are having a problem I would suggest you contact the retailer you purchased your mattress from.

answered Sep 01 '13
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Brenda L from Kitty Hawk, NC
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To add to what Brenda said, make sure you keep your receipt somewhere you can get to it. The white "law" label on the back of the mattress needs to be retained...either on the mattress or stapled to your receipt. The mattress needs to be kept clean and stain free. While the warranty will remain in effect, the manufacturer's are strict about adhering to the terms. Read the warranty card that came with your mattress.

answered Sep 01 '13
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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If they have discontinued that model, they will probably sub it for another model from the same manufacturer that is similar. Keep us informed how it goes. Check your foundation to see if it has a dip in it, if it does, it will transfer through the mattress. Then flip your mattress and see if it sleeps any better.

answered Sep 02 '13
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Joyce Walker... ♦
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