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Are there any Paula Deen mattresses for sale any more? I know they have been discontinued, so I guess I'm looking for a closeout.

asked Oct 11 '13
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Big Lots still has several styles of Paula Deen mattresses , we just bought three sets.

answered Feb 28 '14
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Elizabeth from Charleston, WV
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Elizabeth from Charleston WV

(Nov 18 '14) Sheri S Sheri S's gravatar image

Elizabeth, Which Paula Deen mattresses did you buy? I bought the Whitaker Sunset polyurethane set at Big Lots in Oct 2014 and was wondering if you have any comments to share. Thank you, Sheri

answered Nov 18 '14
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Sheri S from Hobe Sound, FL
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I bought the Paula Deen Whitaker Sunset Tempur-Pedic Queen for $500 and believe me you do not want one it's sad on the sides if you sit on the side does not spring back it sags in the middle when you sleep on it you feel like you're sleeping in a hammock or a whole and they refused to honor the 10-year warranty I thought a 10 year warranty Med it's replaced if not satisfactory up to 10 years or at least prorated at a decent price Factor they told me after own and this mattress for 11 months that it was only worth $350 I paid 500 for it and it has a 10 year warranty what kind of prewriting is that? This mattress sucks do not buy one or you will regret it believe me I'm laying on one right now as we speak and I feel like I'm sitting in a hole

answered Sep 13 '16
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Wendy L from Louisville, KY
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