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I recently went to test and try out mattresses and fell in love with the Serta Paula Deen Lady Bird Euro Top bed. I tried several and nothing compared to that mattress. I was disappointed to find out it was discontinued and the one I tried was the only one they had left. It was a queen size and I need a king.

I was wondering what currently available mattress would be the closest when compared to the Lady Bird. I will be purchasing one in the near future and would love to have one just like it. Thank you so much!

asked Nov 12 '13
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Wow, I didn't know they had used her name as an endorsement! Bet they ditched those mattresses quick! I would imagine the best way would be to get a hold of some of the America's Mattress stores individually to see if they have some in their warehouse or floor displays

answered Nov 12 '13
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