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How woud you compare the softness of the Euro Top to a Pillow Top mattress? One of the mattresses we are considering is the America's Mattress Thorncroft Euro Top.

I do not like the dead feeling of a foam mattress and would just as soon have a spring to it.

asked Nov 15 '13
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Eurotop and pillowtop describe tailoring processes, not comfort. The foams placed on the inside of the mattress will be the primary dictators of comfort. The Eurotop adds an extra side panel at the top of the mattress and allows the upholstery foam to be a bit more square to the edge. A pillowtop adds a separate inner panel layer of fabric and essentially bisects the upholstery foam layers into two compartments. A pillowtop or a Eurotop may be made hard, soft or any degree between depending upon what the manufacturer decides to place on top of the innerspring unit. Focus on comfort, quality of construction, quality of components and reputation of your retailer to help through your selection process.

answered Nov 16 '13
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Generally speaking, the Eurotops now seem to have a more substantial yet plush (soft) feel. However, it really depends on each particular model. Since there's no industry standard grading firm to plush comfort levels, it is very subjective. Between pillow top and eurotop, I generally prefer eurotops; the tailoring is usually better and you can sleep to the edge more comfortably. However, my best recommendation is to go with a firm to medium firm mattress and add a topper. Wool, plant-based memory foam or natural rubber latex toppers can add the appropriate level of comfort. The firmer mattresses are known to last longer, and a topper is easily replaced in a few years. In addition, I'm sure folks who sell the more conventional eurotops and pillow tops will have good insight to offer also!!

answered Nov 15 '13
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Jim's answer above is the most accurate. The foam inside the pillowtop or eurotop will dictate the comfort level, not the shape of the top. The thickness will have an effect and generally I've found that eurotops can be thicker, allowing for additional layers if you are looking for the foam feel rather than the innersprings. Taking the time to lie on the mattresses is the only way to find the one you will be most comfortable on.

Pat Benhoff Baltimore Furniture Direct Royal Heritage Bedding

answered Nov 16 '13
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When you say you don't like the feeling of a foam mattress. I suppose you are referring to memory foam because it has that "wet sand" feeling. Latex has spring back without the pressures of a steel coil pushing back or breaking down. Look out for super soft foams, they tend to break down quicker leading to body impressions and sleeping "in a hole" feeling. I still recommend a latex mattress as long as there is no polyurethane foam in it to break down. If you are concerned about being exposed to toxic chemicals you might want to consider a organic mattress.

answered Nov 16 '13
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