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We just bought the Costco Portofino Stearns and Foster Plush Eurotop King which was rated as pretty high plush/soft on the scale. The eurotop is very thick and soft BUT it feels like a rock underneath - how does the Saatva Ultra Plush differ? Could you please compare for me it based on the different layers/coils? I am really in need of something that doesn't put pressure on my hips (fibromyalgia) and just can't find the bed that works for me.

asked Jun 30 '13
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Thanks for your question. For the benefit of other respondents, here are the specifications for the Portofino Luxury Plush Euro Pillowtop King:

Quilt Layers: * FlameGuard™ High Loft Fiber * 1" Hypersoft® Foam * 1" Hypersoft® Foam

Comfort Layers: * 2" HD SuperSoft Foam with VRT™ * Versare * 1.5" HD SuperSoft Foam * 0.5" Memory Foam * 1" HD Foam

Support: * Individually Wrapped Coil, 7T 13.75 Gauge * Coil density: 1056 * Foam Encased Edge Support

Other: * Thickness: 16" * 10-year non-prorated limited warranty

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