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What brand would you recommend for the best pillow top mattress?

asked Jun 19 '13
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Hello -- This is a great question because it is such a common question amongst mattress shoppers. Naturally, this is a very subjective topic, which is fine -- subjective questions deserve lots of different answers, since there are lots of perspectives out there. But at the same time, we'd like to point out that this particular question is nearly impossible to answer for three reasons.

First, comparing the best "brand" of pillow top is difficult because almost any brand that makes pillow tops makes many different "models." These models can often span a broad range of prices and use a wide variety of components, so choosing the best brand is very difficult without narrowing it to refer to certain models.

Second, even if you were to narrow the question to choosing the best pillow top "model," the answer would need to be specific to your personal mattress needs. Just like a pair of pants, the right mattress needs to be a good fit for your body and your preferences, so there is no best mattress model for everyone. Note that this is an area where the mattress information provided by Consumer Reports is extremely misleading, and even irresponsible.

Finally, even if the question were to be narrowed to choosing the best pillow top model for you, the term "best" would still need to be defined much more specifically. Do you mean best comfort or support? Best durability? Best value for the money? Best at a certain price point? Etc. The answer would vary widely depending on what attributes matter most to you.

We welcome other experts to chime in with their thoughts and recommendations but wanted to at least start out by offering our perspective on this very common question. Hope that helps!

answered Jun 20 '13
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Ooh, a trick question! There are no good pillowtops. It doesn't matter how well a mattress is made, the pillowtop will lose its shape quickly. If you want the extra comfort, add a layer of soft latex to the top of a tight top mattress. The comfort will exceed that of the pillowtop, and latex won't lose it's shape.

answered Jun 20 '13
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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My husband and I just replaced our old mattress for a new pillow top. We went with the Naturepedic Concerto model and love it. We tested out several mattresses but decided to go with this one because it was, in our opinion, not only the most comfortable but doesn't have harsh chemicals or fire retardants.

answered Jul 01 '13
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The best mattress, pillow top or not, is the one that you achieve the best sleep in. It is different for every person. As an example I could tell you the bed I sleep on, and at least 2 or 3 others would say I was nuts. That being said, I like the adjustability of air. These mattresses can have pillow top or not, but the key is that you get pressure relief through the core technology. And if your body changes (and it will) you can change the support level at any time, without buying a new mattress. The modular design of the major brands allows for upgrades or replacements of materials without buying a new bed. If you like pillow tops, that is fine. Avoid pillow tops that are not one piece. Avoid pillow tops that have natural batting or what ever they are calling it today, that batting will compress very quickly, but not enough to hit warranty standards. My experience shows that the longevity of the bed is determined by the quality of products the manufacturers use. Spring makers want their beds to last 8 to 10 years, their quality of other components is tagged to that length. My major vendor, , wants their beds to last much longer, maybe 25 or more years, and the quality of foam can be felt.

Take your time, and do responsible shopping for your mattress. Spend at least 15 minutes on any bed you are considering, have your sleep partner with you. Make sure the store offers some return privilege, and understand it. Avoid $97 Queen mattresses, unless you want to buy a new one yearly.

And lastly buy so that you can...Sleep Well!

answered Sep 05 '13
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Tom Heller ♦
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Pillow tops are tricky. The softest part of a mattress is always going to be the first to give that is why most pillow tops prematurely develop body impressions. I really recommend pillow tops that are not connected to your mattress (toppers). This way should the soft pillow top wear or your comfort levels change you preserve your mattress and simply replace your pillow top.

answered Sep 07 '13
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Pillowtops are generally the first section of a mattress to fail. It seems that the combination of Pillowtop (thin layers of foam + fiber) , foam layered underneath plus an innerspring lose integrity quickly. There are, of course, exceptions, but it is very unpredictable what might fail in any particular line. I've seen $200 models wear better than $3000 models. For long-term comfort and support, select a mattress sightly firmer that you normally prefer and enhance the comfort with a separate topper. Firmer beds typically last longer than soft models, so enjoy the base mattress for many years and just replace the topper as needed. There are many comfort levels and choices for excellent toppers, ranging from wool (an amazing fiber) to latex to memory foam. It's so easy to personalize your comfort needs while getting proper support!

answered Oct 14 '13
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