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How do you make a visco elastic memory foam mattress softer? We got it on Friday and let it puff up, but it never got to it's full 8 inches. We did not sleep on it for the first 48 hours and last night we tried it - OMG, it's as hard as a rock! It is an Ashley Roberts queen-size mattress.

asked Nov 05 '13
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Nov 05 '13

Hello and thank you for your question.

With any new poly-urethane based mattress it's going to take some time to break in. It will be firmer when you first receive it, but will soften up over time. I'm guessing you also purchased this mattress online. I would find out what the policy is. Expectations shouldn't be too high for this product.

Ashley Roberts is a re-branded low quality memory foam mattress that is imported. It looks like from China. Quality 5 lb visco memory foam is pretty expensive to make and has a pressure-relieving feel. These mattresses just have fillers added during the foaming process to make it higher density, so you won't get that nice pressure-relieving feel. Also, since it's imported it has probably been stored for a while and may never be a full 8 inches.That being said, they are inexpensive and still could be comfortable for you.

Thank you for your question and I hope it still works out!

answered Nov 05 '13
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Kevin Williams ♦
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Here is the clear answer for you. If you bought it from Ashley's and it needed to "puff up" it was made by the Zinus company in China. They make all the beds for Ashley's under their brand. These are the same mattresses sold at Keetsa and Sam's Club, etc. The mattress is compress-packed and sits on the ocean for many months and then Ashley's warehouse before it gets to you, so it takes quite some time before it fully expands. In fact, because their factory is not a controlled climate, you have variations in the foams, and it may not come up all the way. The foam is already broken in since it was compress packed and will not soften up. You should consider a foam topper.Good Answer from Kevin too!

answered Nov 06 '13
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Joe Alexander ♦
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Nov 06 '13

I'm not familiar with the brand; however, you can walk on the mattress to loosen it up, and make sure there's some heat in the room to warm it up . It takes a few days to totally inflate a vacuum-packed mattress…hope this helps. If it is just a firm model, you can add a topper to make it more forgiving and comfortable.

answered Nov 05 '13
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Karen Woods ♦
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Good answer from Joe. Also, memory foam reacts with the temperature of the room. If your room is cold it will be harder, if you turn the heat up or put it in direct sunlight (which is not good for mattresses) it will soften the mattress.

answered Nov 06 '13
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Joyce Walker... ♦
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Add a 2" layer of soft Talalay latex for all the surface comfort you could possibly want.

answered Nov 06 '13
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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