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Love my Serta I Comfort once I am able to get in it. Getting out is also a bit of a struggle. I often believe that the mattress I received does not feel the same as the one I tried out in the store.

No toxic smells like so many others have complained of.

Is there anything that I can do make this mattress more firm so that I do not feel like I am sleeping in a hole? Would gladly pay a fee to exchange this one for one that is truly firm! I just do not believe that a mattress should swallow you alive and make you fight to get out of it.

asked Oct 30 '12
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Robert F from Raleigh, NC
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Serta offers a 120 Day Comfort Trial. Check the Serta website for details. You should be able to contact your retailer and make an alternate selection if that bed is not what you expected. Memory Foam and Gel Memory Foam tend to have a sinking sensation and often makes getting in and out or turning over difficult. If you are able to make a new selection, I would recommend a non-quilted Latex model. Latex offers superior support and will not have that sinking issue that you described. Latex relieves pressure points but adds a level of support that gives you a sensation of floating on the bed. Hope this helps you.

Kind regards,


answered Nov 02 '12
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Scott Miller
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Hi Robert,

I am a little confused why you love the mattress but don't want to keep it.

The way a good memory foam mattress works is it relieves pressure, supports your body, and keeps you from being disturbed at night. Some sleepers think these benefits are great and have no problems, others not so much. You'll have to weigh the good & bad of the mattress to decide which is the right direction to go. If your sales associate didn't show you, there is an easy way to flip over on foam mattresses using your leg instead of your torso.

If you are sleeping great on the mattress but find it not so easy to move around on, I would recommend keeping it(if that is the only con you have). If you change to a firmer mattress so it is easier to move across, you may find that your quality of sleep will go down. As pointed out in the responses above, there is a 120 trial period you can take advantage of if you really can't live with the movement. Not knowing what you purchased, I can't make an accurate recommendation though I know that the Genius iComfort mattress is about the firmest they make so try that one in the store if it's not what you purchased to see what you think of a firmer bed.

Again, if your quality of sleep is very good, I don't recommend switching it out to a different comfort level.

answered Nov 05 '12
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Andrew Schle... ♦
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Hi Robert, There is nothing you can do with the mattress you have. The advice given by Scott is a sound solution to your problem. Latex is extremely comfortable and equally resilient...

Good Luck, Pete

answered Nov 03 '12
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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