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I just purchased a split king Genius set. My side has the matching adjustable base. I've had the Genius two nights and have not slept in two nights. I'm a side sleeper, medically disabled, and the bed is way too firm thus far. Each day I have had neck, back, hip and arm pain. The store I bought it from will let me swap it out in two weeks and pay the difference for the iComfort Inception, but I need to know if it has a record of being more conforming and less hard than the Genius. I also have slipped disks in my back and was told by my doctor to try a memory foam mattress on the firm side. Any advice is appreciated.

asked Nov 21 '13
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It will be much softer and more conforming. The genius is a great mattress but not for a side sleeper or one with the conditions you have. Go spend some time on that mattress before you buy it. There may be a softer one you prefer.

answered Nov 22 '13
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Jeff Saunders ♦
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Thanks for the advice. What do you think of perhaps the Prodigy in my case?

Thanks much!

(Nov 22 '13) Sherri H Sherri H's gravatar image

Hi Sherri,

Do you have the chance to try the Savant? If you want it the firmest you can stand, the Savant or Inception are good alternatives to the Genius which can be very difficult to side sleep on. The Savant is a little softer than the Inception. The Prodigy is going to be quite a bit softer than the Genius.

answered Dec 03 '13
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Andrew Schle... ♦
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Thanks Andrew for all your helpful information. I'm getting so confused with all the icomfort models. I found a comfort scale on-line that states the Genius as a 4.5, (1 being the hardest and 10 the softest). The Prodigy was listed as a 6 and the Savant as a 7.5. I ordered the Prodigy to replace the Genius since it's too hard for me and gives me body aches. When I tried both the Savant and the Prodigy in the store, the Savant seemed softer than the Prodigy. I don't know if I can exchange again if the Prodigy does not work for us. For $3400 I sure hope the two Prodigy Twin XL's work for us, (price also included one ergomotion base and one regular). Thanks again.

(Dec 03 '13) Sherri H Sherri H's gravatar image

Thanks for choosing iComfort. The Genius is the firmest of our iComfort models and while many people who like firm mattresses are happy with this model, it can be too firm for side sleepers based on what we’ve heard from our consumers. It can take several nights to adjust to a new mattress, and since it’s only been two nights, you may need longer to adjust. Even so, we want you to be happy with your mattress. We use a comfort scale ranking at Serta from 1-10, with 1 firmest and 10 softest. We rank the Genius at a 3 and the Inception at a 4, so the Inception is just slightly softer.

For the rest of the models: Genius - 3, Prodigy - 5, Insight - 5, Reinvention - 5, Acumen - 6, Renewal Refined - 7, Savant - 7, Epic - 8, Wellbeing Refined - 9


answered Dec 04 '13
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Anonymous ♦
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Thanks Serta! I now feel much better about my decision to replace the Genius mattress with the Prodigy model since the Genius is a 3 and the Prodigy is a 5 on your comfort scale.

(Dec 04 '13) Sherri H Sherri H's gravatar image

I'll check our showroom. We have the prodigy on display in one store and it has a softer feel than the savant next to it. It may be that the savant is newer and less tried. Thanks for the comfort scale though! I will double check it to our own website.

(Dec 05 '13) Andrew Schle... ♦ Andrew Schlesser's gravatar image

Serta, could you tell me the comfort scale ratings for the Oracle, Inventive, and Perceptive? I've seen these models in store but cannot find any manufacturer's information on them.

(Jan 02 '14) Melanie A Melanie A's gravatar image

I bought the Pietra series at Sams club, like the first person I also have fibromyalgia. The sample in the store that you could pull out and lay on was much softer than the actual mattress that I have. I really don't get any benefit from the cooling gel is still hot. I toss and turn a lot and the mattress shifts and one side will be hanging off the side two or three inches and there will be a gap big enough for my pillows to fall through by nights end. I was really sore for about 2 weeks. My old mattress was moved to an upstairs bedroom and I have been tossing around going up and sleeping on it for a night to see if it was just that good. As far as the Pietrra goes, I would say if you are a back sleeper with no health problems, it may be a good choice for you.

answered Feb 03 '15
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Wanda P from York, SC
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