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I just bought the Serta iComfort Acumen. It was delivered this morning and it feels much harder than the one in the showroom. I had also tried the Savant but that was too firm (I had that one for 100 days). The Acumen in the store was soft and comfortable but also had good support.

Does the Acumen soften up eventually?

asked Jan 04 '14
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Most all memory foam beds are going to be firmer when you first get them. The foam needs to break in. Remember, the floor display has likely been laid upon many times, your bed is brand new. It is not uncommon.

Take your shoes off and walk around on the bed for 10 minutes. This will help soften it up some.

answered Jan 06 '14
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Joe Alexander ♦
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It takes 3-4 weeks depending. It helps to not sleep in the exact same spot every night as well. That way you won't have an issue with one spot in particular feeling softer than the rest of your mattress as it's broken in and the rest is not.

answered Jan 13 '14
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