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I recently bought the Savant iComfort sleep system by Serta. I also had bought a new electric blanket, sheets and mattress pad. I only washed the sheets ahead of time before the bed arrived. I made the bed and slept in it within a couple hours. Immediately, I started to have a sinus/allergy reaction which led to coughing. I thought it was the electric blanket because it had a "new" smell. I washed it the next day and slept in the bed the second night. I coughed all night again with sinus/allergy irritation. Then, I decided to wash the new mattress pad because it also had a strong "new" smell as well. The new pillows that came free with my bed are also memory foam and I removed them from my room on the second night. I do have indoor/outdoor allergies and sinus problems with occasional asthma. Any Strong chemical odors I can not tolerate including perfumes. I'm beginning to realize that my new bed does have a chemical odor as I'm coughing every night, all night long. It is the fifth day and I really want to keep my new bed because I love the adjustable bed with iComfort mattress by Serta. I'm googling information to find out how to get rid of the "off gasses" from the mattress as quick as possible. Some say the smell lasted 20 days and others say to use heat and air the mattress out and room really well. I have stripped the mattress including its fabric encasement and opened all the windows for a short time. Then closed the windows and put an extra heater in the room with the mattress on its side trying to air everything out. I'm thinking of washing the mattress zipper encasement as a last resort. I would welcome any more suggestions because I like this mattress and want to keep it.

asked Jan 20 '13
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Susan O from Huntington, IN
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Susan - We can assure you that there are no harmful chemicals in any of our mattresses. If you are highly sensitive to odors, then you may also be highly sensitive to the smell of a new mattress, which should dissipate within a day or two once the mattress is unpacked and set up in your home. We recommend airing out in the room, like you are doing, using open windows for fresh air. The smell should not be intense and should dissipate, but again if you are highly sensitive it may be a different experience for you. If you need further assistance, please email us at SertaCare at gmail dot com. Thanks!

answered Jan 21 '13
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Anonymous ♦
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Thank You Serta for your answers. I did air out the mattress all day yesterday while it was tipped on its side. I washed the mattress encasement, and the new mattress pad. I had the window open for fresh air and also shut the window and warmed up the room. After putting the whole bed back together and then sleeping, I was surprised that the intense odor has dissipated. Airing it out made a big difference. Thanks!

(Jan 21 '13) Susan O Susan O's gravatar image

Hi Susan, If you have to air it out, you shouldn't be using it. Many mattresses use memory foam. The chemicals used to make it are dangerous. Many people respond with respiratory problems from breathing in the chamicals that those mattresses off-gas. Don't air it out. Get rid of it.

answered Feb 03 '13
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