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We are looking at the Serta iComfort mattresses. Can you provide a couple of options / models for side sleepers?

asked Sep 20 '13
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For side sleeping, you can rule the iComfort Genius and iComfort Insight out immediately. They don't offer enough pressure relief for long periods of side sleeping. If you prefer a firmer/harder bed, start with the iComfort Savant. If you prefer the softer style, then to the iComfort Renewal Refined. Those two are best suited for long periods of side sleeping. The Savant is our most popular iComfort at all of our locations.

The Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme is the mattress the Savant is modeled after so that is also something to seek and try.

answered Sep 21 '13
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Andrew Schle... ♦
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Side Sleepers would like the iComfort Savant, or the new Directions models from Serta iComfort have two options that would also be ideal, the Acumen and the Inception. I suggest softer for mattresses for side sleepers, make sure are able to go down and test it for a while to be sure you like it. And if you can shop local that is always a bonus. Good Luck.

answered Sep 25 '13
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