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Does a gel bed really stay cool with a mattress cover and fitted bed sheet on top of it? We are looking at the Blu-tek Arctic mattress.

asked Sep 02 '13
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...and, that gel will stop working in a few short hours...leaving you to heat up in the middle of the night. It's all a scam...the latest in a long line of BS

answered Sep 03 '13
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In my experience (I've been making memory foam mattresses for 15 years under the brand Posture Sense in San Francisco) there are hot sleepers and regular sleepers. Nothing is gonna help for a hot sleeper except a ChiliPad which allows you to set the temperature from a low of 48 to a high of 105. I have noticed by personal experience that a simple inexpensive but quilted polyester/cotton mattress pad will make memory foam comfortable heat-wise for nearly everyone except the extremely hot sleepers. The so-called 'breathable' waterproof ones such as protect-a-bed will heat you up too.

answered Sep 03 '13
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Adding cool gel to a mattress is admitting their mattresses sleep hot. Does plastic sleep hot? Cool gel is in plastic. So what happens when the cool gel quits working?

answered Sep 03 '13
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I hope someone who has purchased a gel memory foam mattress will answer your question, not just another retailer. My store has sold BluTek gel memory foam mattresses for 2 years now. We have a 90 day comfort guarantee and never once has a BluTek mattress been exchanged because of heat. In fact, the only exchange we've done is for a customer who purchased the Ice and exchanged it for the Arctic. One of my Glacier customers was in the other day for some pillows and she told me it is the best bed they have had. Their original bed was a natural, soy-based memory foam with wool and bamboo covering. She far prefers her Glacier. Customer testimonials are truly your best source in this case. Our customers have been happy with their BluTek mattresses.

answered Sep 03 '13
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I am a retailer, however, I am also human. When Serta introduced the iComfort line, we were invited to a show to preview it. I was skeptical, because most of these innovations have drawbacks. I asked to hold on to the sample as we went through the show. 4 Hours later, that sample still felt cool in my hands.

That being said, unless you invest in Chilli pad or a new air pad from the mall air bed store, and are a hot sleeper, you will probably not experience heat relief.

Further, if you do put anything between you and the product, it will affect it in some way. As an example, some of our mattresses have a bamboo fabric, which is pretty good for me personally. However, if you were to put a mattress protector, or pad made of polyester, it would negate a lot of the effect. Look at the environment in total. Lots of cotton, wool, or other natural fibers will not affect it as much, and can be pleasant to feel as you sleep.

Pay attention to where you locate your bed in the room. If it is over an air vent, that can affect the environment as well. Or against an outside wall.

Hope this helps! Sleep Well!

answered Sep 03 '13
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