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How many individually wrapped coils does the Kingsdown Santana mattress have?

Also, what exactly does the non-prorated warranty cover? If I were to have a problem, who exchanges the mattress -- the store (Rooms to Go) or the factory?

asked Jun 30 '14
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Hi there,

Because the names of beds change from store to store, it would be best if you checked with the store you are considering purchasing this mattress from, in this case, Rooms To Go. Warranty issues include squeaky box springs, coils protruding from the mattress (I have never seen this happen) and the most common - excessive body impression. In Canada, the standard is more than 2" is considered a warranty issue. We act as a liaison between the customer and manufacturer. The warranty is not with the store but with the manufacturer. However, every store is different and you should check with the store you are purchasing from.

Sweet Dreamzzz, Debi

answered Jun 30 '14
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