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how does this mattress compare in softness and comfort to the ProAdapt medium hybrid mattress

asked Mar 12
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Hi there -- Thanks for your question. These two mattresses have pretty similar overall feel, but do differ on the margins. Note that there is no universal better or worse, when it comes to differences in feel -- just personal preference and fit.

The most notable distinction is that the ProAdapt Medium Hybrid has noticeably more of that slow-melting memory feel than the Sealy Hybrid Copper Plush. We rate the Copper Plus as having a slightly above average amount of memory feel, where as all the ProAdapt models have much more than average of this.

The ProAdapt Medium Hybrid is also a bit softer, rating as a Soft on our scale, whereas the Copper Plush rates as a Medium-Soft.

Beyond that, we found the ProAdapt Medium Hybrid to have a smidge more bounce, and a little deeper cushioning as well.

I hope that's helpful.

answered Mar 12
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