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I just bought a NEW mattress set (Symbol Stafford King) from a furniture dealer in LaBelle, FL. It did not come with a warranty card and the dealer is going to look for the card. Now I am suspicious. Is he an authorized dealer? Did I really buy a NEW mattress?

asked Jul 25 '13
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Barbara K from Labelle, FL
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This is very simple. Every mattress is built with a mattress lable. it is usually sticking out of a seam near the center of the head of the bed. This is the lable that people always joke about removing under penalty of law.

that label should have model number, material content and most importantly, a manufacture date. these are things that all manufactures are required to have.

if that tag is missing, or if the tag is dated more than a month or 2 from the date of purchase, you have reason to be concerned. you might have a bed that was returned by someone else, or you might have a refurbished mattress. .

answered Jul 25 '13
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Anton Hochsc... ♦
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