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Has anyone experienced any manufacturers' defects that are covered by Novosbed's warranty? If so, how did you go about contacting Novosbed to take advantage of the warranty and send back the mattress for a replacement/refund?

In the past I have tried to return a mattress under warranty and getting it back to the seller was a nightmare... not only did they charge me for return shipping (which was around $200) they also added a restocking fee in there and who knows what other hidden charges, so when all was said and done I didn't even get back 50% of what I originally paid. I'm hoping Novosbed honors their warranty better than the current standard I (and I'm sure others) have experienced. This is a deal-breaker for me.

asked Dec 18 '12
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Elise S from Hermosa Beach, CA
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Hi Elise,

I work for Novosbed. Defects are extremely rare, but do happen. When they do, we do the following:

  1. Request that the customer send us photos of the defect
  2. Send them a brand-new replacement mattress
  3. Pick up the defective mattress at our expense

No restocking charges. No shipping fees. Total transparency.

All the best,


answered May 10 '13
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Sam P from Long Beach, CA
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May 10 '13

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While i represent a manufacture, i do not speak for all manufactures, and i dont work for Novosbed, so i cant speak their their policys specificly, but i can speak in general

with that in mind...

When you bought your bed, they probably offered free shipping. the fact is, you did pay for shipping, it was built into the price, but that was it. Warranty and returns are typically at the customers expense, because as you saw, freight shipping on a mattress is not cheap. the restocking fee, was more than likely the manufacture trying to recoup his shipping costs, + they had to inspect your bed for problems so there is probably a little cost involved there as well. With a few exceptions, these are universal in the bed business unless the store or manufacture has their own trucks. some do, some dont, but they may charge you for a service call.

it all depends on what is built into the price.

best advice, look at their website before you buy. specifically look for shipping policies, return policies or store policies. in our case, we offer "free delivery" on orders over $100 online only, but any and all returns have to be shipped at the customers expense and we charge 10% restocking fee. but we do list this on our website.

If we ship a bed in error however, we do pay the return shipping. just not on regular returns or warranty claims.

Sorry they didnt make you aware of this on the front end, but again, we are talking about large items. $200 is actually on the low end of the shipping spectrum.

it would be different if we were selling DVDs or computer parts because those are relatively inexpensive to ship compared to a mattress. Freight carriers and even delivery companys charge more on the size of the box, then anything else.

hope this helps.

answered Dec 18 '12
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Anton Hochsc... ♦
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1093329285 Anton - you are speaking of your company. If you had taken the time to go to NovosBed's site, you would see they aren't like your company. They are very clear in their return policies and warranty policies. You are giving bad information as though you "know" how they operate. Shame on you.

(Mar 30 '14) 's gravatar image

First off, i need to give Sam credit for going to bat for his product. not all companies would. in this case, the company can afford to pay the return shipping for warranty, so they do. Not all manufactures can. We do not, but like Sam's company we still stand by our products and our warranty. we just handle it differently. if this annonomous user, with the rude comments had read my comments and understood them, they would have seen that i used my companys warranty as a general guidelines, not industry dogma. I am glad Sam weighed in. if you check the posting date it was well after my post.

(Mar 30 '14) Anton Hochsc... ♦ Anton Hochschild's gravatar image

If you noticed, i did mention to look at their website and draw your own conclusions. i didnt say anything bad about their company, i gave examples of one school of thought on business pratices and nothing more. If you took if differently that is on you. i never said i know how they operate, and until the original question was posted, i had never heard of this company. much you like have never heard of my company. I applaud Sam for jumping in an setting the record straight. all I do on this site is give my oppinion based on nearly 30 years off experience.

(Mar 30 '14) Anton Hochsc... ♦ Anton Hochschild's gravatar image
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I am looking at reviews because I am trying to purchase one. No offense to you Anton, however, I looked at your beds and they are astronomically priced. How is it that you cannot afford to pay for return shipping? Still, your products do look nice.

answered Jun 06 '15
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