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My mattress was very good at first but after a few years the pillow top has broken down or shifted and there is now an indention for me and one for my husband with a hump in between.

Can this be repaired? Or is there any type of guaranteed number of years before this type of thing can happen?

We paid a lot for this mattress -- a Sealy Posturepedic Lakefront King Pillow Top -- in 2007, and it is now not comfortable and looks horrible when made up... We have bought several Sealy mattresses over the years and no breakdown has ever occurred. One is 20 years old.

Please advise, Barbara Yocum

asked Jun 01 '13
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Hi Barbara,

Find out what the duration of your mattresses warranty is. Most mattresses, especially pricier ones, will have either prorated or non prorated warranties. These usually cover body impressions that reach a certain depth. Every company is different and each has their own standards for warranty coverage. Check your invoice or contact the retail store you purchased from to find out this information.

Good Luck

Nick N

answered Jun 02 '13
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Hi Barbara, All of Sealy's warranties are being handled through their corporate office. You will need your receipt and the information from the "law" label, that is attached to the back of the mattress. Call 1-800-697-3259

answered Jun 02 '13
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Here is a brief reason. There are not that many companies that make the springs at the center of your bed. Sealy, like others, buys those springs from these makers. Yes they do have proprietary designs, but the cost of the springs to the larger companies are the same. Over the last several years the price of steel has increased, putting pressure on the companies to raise prices. At the same time the economy hasn't been the best, and there is new competition from overseas. These combine to encourage these companies to keep a lid on pricing. Oil has also risen in price, again putting pressure to raise prices, when it is not prudent.

These companies are trying to put out a quality product at the price the consumer wants to pay, but there is a disconnect. To solve this problem, they are using lower gauge steel, and lesser quality foam. This will cause new mattresses to not last as long as those made 15 to 20 years ago. Spring mattresses have become a commodity, and like the local gas station they can not be out of line on price. There is no perceived difference in most consumers between these major, and some lesser companies from a brand standpoint or quality standpoint. So when, say, a company is in financial straits, they lower prices and lower quality to compensate. Others must follow, its a spiral.

For longer lasting beds, consider other technologies. We like air tech, and our vendor builds modular beds, meaning individual parts can be replaced, making it a long lasting product. It is also individually adjustable to give optimum support to each sleeper.

Hope this helps...Sleep Well!

answered Sep 18 '13
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