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I’m sleeping on this bed my first night and already my lower back is killing and I’ve woken up at 3am

asked Jan 23
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Hi there -- Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, the Cambridge model was not amongst the Spink & Co models that we tested directly. That said, we did test its sibling, the Bradford, which has a very similar construction and price point but a softer feel than the Cambridge. Generally, we don't recommend softer mattresses for stomach sleepers. But in testing the Bradford, we found the spinal alignment for stomach sleepers to be surprisingly good for such a soft mattress. Based on this, and knowing that the Cambridge has a firmer feel with similar construction, my expectation would be that it should be fine for most stomach sleepers, particularly those under 200 lbs.

You can check out our in-depth coverage of this lineup here (and note the discussion of the Bradford, with brief mention of the Cambridge, starting around 15:57 in the video):

I hope that's helpful.

answered Jan 24
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This is a very good answer to the question posed on the Cambridge. The best way to really understand the impact on you is to get into a store, bring your favorite pillow or use one at the store, and spend some time rolling around. The people in the store understand you are making a big decision so they will be happy to let you test it out. Hope that helps. Thank you Goodbed for offering up a thoughtful answer to Spink and Co customers!

answered Jan 25
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