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Spink & Co Mattresses Overview

Last updated on June 22, 2022

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Spink & Co mattresses use a high degree of natural materials and hand stitching with an English pedigree.

Note: This is not a review. This is our plain-English explanation and overview of the Spink & Co collection of mattresses for the 2019-2020 model year.

If you’d prefer to watch rather than read, watch our Spink & Co Mattresses Overview video

Spink & Co -- The Company

English bedmaker Harrison Spinks has been crafting mattresses since 1840; the brand has been recently introduced in the United States under the Spink & Co name.

The company calls itself a "farm to bedroom" mattress maker; many of the the natural materials used in its mattresses, like wool, cotton, flax, and hemp, are produced on the company's 300-acre farm in the Yorkshire region. For it's US mattresses, those materials are important and the beds are made here in the United States.

The company currently has a line of 5 mattresses available here, all named after cities in England. In contrast to some luxury bedmakers that offer "bespoke" beds (where the bed isn't made until it's ordered), the 5 Spink & Co models are just like any other mainstream brand in that they are ready to order and ship. That means you get a number of luxury features and natural materials at a lower cost than with some other luxury brands. Prices for a queen-size mattress range from $2,599 to $4,799.

Spink & Co

Common Features

All five of the Spink & Co mattresses share materials and features. They mainly differ in the comfort layers (the top) of each bed, which changes the comfort, feel, and cushioning depending on the models.

Pocketed Coil Support Unit

All five models have the same support unit: a 7" tall, 1,000-pocketed-coil unit (queen size) with five support zones and edge-support coils."Zoned support" means there are firmer coils in the middle of the bed, where your hips will be (the hips are the heaviest part of our bodies). There are firmer coils also at the head and foot of the bed, with softer coils under the shoulders and knees, where you need the most softness.

There are also stronger coils positioned around the edge of the mattress to help the edge of the mattress maintain its integrity - important if you like to sit or lie right on the edge.

Micro Coil Comfort Layers

Spink & Co also uses miniature pocketed coils in the comfort layer of the bed. They're arranged in sheets, and are no more than an inch tall. The company uses these coils to provide softness and comfort instead of using petroleum-based foams. Some Spink & Co mattresses use 1" coils (the company called them HD micro coils) and some of the higher end models use additional layers of the HD coils plus a layer or layers of even smaller "HD 4K" micro coils that are about 5/5" in diameter. For example, the "London" mattress uses two layers of the 4K micro coils on top of a layer of the slightly wider HD micro coils.

In our observation, these small coils in the comfort layer give the mattress lots of cushioning and conformance--where you feel the mattress hugging your curves.

Spink & Co

Natural Comfort Materials

All of the Spink & Co mattresses are made with a variety of natural materials. In the comfort layer of each bed is padding made of a blend of silk, wool, angora, mohair, and cashmere, which are produced on the company's farm in England.

Additionally, cotton and hemp are used in the mattress covers.

Spink & Co


Sandwiched between the micro coils and the support coils is latex, the amount varies depending on the model. Some of the latex is infused with graphite, included as a natural regulator of heat and moisture.

Lastly, Spink & Co mattresses do contain some petroleum-based foam, but not very much. A layer is used at the very bottom of the bed as a base for the pocketed-coil support unit, plus an inch or so in the comfort layers.

Construction and Cover

The layers of each Spink mattress are held together with functional tufting; these are long yarns, hand stitched through the mattress, and anchored on the top/bottom and sides. It's how the entire mattress is held together without the use of glues and chemicals.

Hand-tufting is something seen frequently on luxury mattresses that cost much more.

The side panels of each bed include functional handles decorated with a little Union Jack flag. The top of the mattress is printed with a pattern designed to remind you of the gates of Buckingham Palace.

Spink & Co

Mattress Features

All of the Spink & Co mattresses have quite a bit of bounce -- after all, they contain a lot of springs. We felt the bounce as both a deep bounce (such as when you plop yourself on the bed) as well as surface bounce, which can aid ease of movement and has a very traditional feel. Because the coils are individually pocketed, we don't have concerns about motion isolation; it's unlikely you will be disturbed by movements on the other side of the bed.

There's no memory foam in these mattresses, so they are what we call "quick responding" -- when you press down on the bed, they spring right back into shape when released.

Edge support is excellent, unsurprising since there are two rows of stronger edge-support coils all around the bed.

Spink & Co

Spink & Co Mattresses: Models

The 5 models differ in terms of feel (softness), mattress height, and cushioning depth (how deeply you sink in feel hugged by the mattress). And of course, they differ in price.

Here's a look at queen-size MSRP pricing. Note that Spink & Co mattresses are sold primarily in stores rather than online. Check their store locator for mattress stores near you.

Model GoodBed Softness Mattress Height
Estimated Price (Queen)
York Medium Firm 14" $2,599
Bristol Medium 15" $2,999
Bradford Soft 17" $3,699
Cambridge *Not Tested 17" $3,699
London Medium Soft 18" $4,799

York Mattress

The York is the entry-level mattress in the Spink & Co lineup. It's a 14" tall mattress and we found it to have a medium firm feel -- perhaps closer to firm than medium. We definitely got more of a "floating on top" feeling on the bed as opposed to sinking in. We thought this bed might especially suit stomach sleepers, who need more firmness in the hip area than other types of sleepers.

The York features the same pocketed coils support unit as the other Spink & Co mattresses. It has a single layer of the HD micro coils, along with a layer of latex in between them. It uses layers of the company's padding made with natural fibers like wool and silk.

Below: Spink & Co York

Spink & Co York

Bristol Mattress

The Bristol is 15" tall. Compared to the York, it has an additional layer of micro coils, for a total of two layers. We've seen other manufacturers use micro coils in their comfort layers, but we haven't seen companies laying them like Spink & Co is doing.

The extra micro coils give the Bristol deeper cushioning and more conformance compared to the York. Overall, we'd call this bed a medium on our softness scale, with average cushioning depth and a blend of feeling hugged/cradled vs floating on top.

The Bristol also includes a latex layer, but it's infused with graphite, a natural material intended to help draw heat from the mattress surface.

Bradford and Cambridge

The Bradford and Cambridge beds are both 16" mattresses. Both have three layers of micro coils. We were able to try out the Bradford mattress, but the Cambridge was unavailable at that time.

The Bradford has two layers of graphite-infused latex sandwiched between the micro-coils and the pocketed coils. We found it to be a "Soft" on our softness scale, yet our tester still felt well supported. We thought this configuration would especially suit back sleepers.

The Cambridge also has two layers of latex; one of the graphite-infused latex, and another of what the company calls its 'slow responding' latex.

Below: Spink & Co Bradford

Spink & Co Bradford


At the top end of the Spink & Co range is the London, an 18" mattress. It has three layers of micro coils in the comfort layer, but is the only Spink & Co model that uses two layer of the 4K HD coils -- with the smaller diameter -- atop one layer of the regular micro coils.

Overall, we found the London to be not quite as soft as the Bradford, so we'll call it a medium soft on our scale. But the London has the deepest cushioning and conformance to the body of the Spink & Co mattresses; this bed really hugs your curves, but we never felt "stuck" or like we were in a sinkhole, as you can sometimes feel with a very soft memory foam bed, for example.

The London also has the most latex -- two layer of graphite-infused latex and one layer of the 'slow response' latex.


Other Factors

Delivery and Returns

  • Varies by retailer
Spink & Co mattresses are sold mainly in stores; delivery, exchange, and return policies will vary depending on the retailer, so be sure to ask.


  • Varies by model
  • Body impression warranty: 1.5"
Warranty length varies depending on the information contained on the law label of each bed. Note that if your mattress requires shipping back to the company, owners are responsible for that cost.
Body impressions are the biggest overall complaint about mattresses in general. For innerspring beds, the industry standard is 1.5" measured when no one is in the bed. Spink & Co warrants permanent body impressions great than 1.5" and will repair or replace the mattress within the warranty period should your mattress meet that standard.

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