I love my really old Aireloom mattress, but I am reading so many complaints about Aireloom mattresses sagging that I don't know what to do about replacing it. I've never slept on any other mattress, but all these negative review have me troubled and a bit turned off. I was going to buy a new one today, but now I'm not sure. Can someone please help me with my decision? Thanks.

asked Feb 16 '15
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The reason there are so many complaints is because they are terrible mattresses. We had ours for only 3 years and it was so uncomfortable that we replaced it.

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Hello, Hello, We are sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction with the Aireloom product you purchased. We are always unhappy top hear someone has purchased one of our products and is not completely satisfied. Please contact our customer service department to discuss your concerns. Regards, Aireloom customer service team.

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We contacted the store where we purchased the mattress and we were informed that it was within the parameters set by Aireloom-saging less than 1.5 inches with out any weight on the mattress. Unfortunately mattress are intended to be slept on and when you did lay down on the mattress the angle was so steep you almost rolled off. Life is too soft to deal w/ customer service so we decide to treat this as an expensive lesson and purchased a new mattress from a company that unconditionally stood behind its product.

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I just purchased an aireloom bed today. It will be delivered in a few days. I am really worried now that I am reading reviews online. It was more money than I intended on spending for a mattress and now I feel like I may have made a really bad decision.

answered Aug 15 '15
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We bought an Airloom and for the first year it was great. By the second year there were indentations where we slept. It's gotten worse and my back can't take the lack of support anymore. I have a pillow under me. Now my husband and I are larger people so I expected it would happen - but not after a year. We had our old Sealy for 7 years before it did this and it was half the price. I will never buy this brand or any so called luxury brand again.

answered Aug 21 '16
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I purchased an air loom mattress back 1n 2013. Loved it for first 3 years, now I'm having to turn it every 3 months, because of sagging and losing back and hip support . I filed a claim through Mattress Discounters, for someone to inspect it. They are telling me if it does not meet certain criteria, that theres nothing that can be done. I would think that Airloom would want satisfied customers and hope that mine gets replaced, with no hassle.

answered Mar 18 '18
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Randy K from Severn, MD
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I completely agree! After only four years My husband and I now wake up with back pain every morning! I didn’t spend thousands for a bed to only last four years. It has major sagging/body impressions/or whatever you want to define it as!!! Even with regularly flipping it.

answered Nov 11 '18
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My wife and I finally bought a new mattress after many years, and decided to buy an Aireloom, top of the line mattress. Within 2-3 months, one of the sides kind of collapsed. Getting out of bed the bed was easy, because it was like a slide. The Furniture store was great about it and replaced it with the same model/brand. After two weeks, the same thing happened with the new mattress. Same side, even though we had spun the mattress. (So the tag was in the opposite corner.) Neither of us are heavy people. I think the batch of Aireloom mattresses that we received are from the same lot or something, and it's unfortunate because we spent a lot of money on it. I am now waiting for the furniture store to send another inspector down to verify that this bed is indeed faulty. My 3rd replacement will NOT be another Aireloom.

answered 20 hours ago
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I just bought one as well. I hope not. It really is like being on a car lot. It is one reason consumers want to buy online. The salespeople will tell you ANYTHING.

answered 16 hours ago
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Hello, There is a lot of confusion about sagging versus body impressions. Many of today's top quality mattresses use extra plush foams and fibers to create comfort layers designed to cradle your body and relieve pressure. Body impressions are typical and do not mean that the mattress is defective/sagging.

Please contact our customer service department for information on our current collections as well as product warranty information.

Regards, Aireloom customer service team.

answered Feb 18 '15
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The issue is not whether you describe the mattress as sagging or suffering from a “body impression”. The issue is whether the mattress is comfortable-it is that simple! If after 3 year or less the mattress has degraded to the point that a “body depression”, as Aireloom choses to describe the issue, has formed and it no longer provides a comfortable night sleep then the mattress in unacceptable and must be replaced-full stop! I replaced it, not through a warranty claim, but with hard earned money and NOT with another Aireloom product. I learned my lesson the expensive way.

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