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Hi, I bought a fancy new mattress ($$$$$) but after weeks it became plush (and I am tiny person). It sunk (per bedding consultant ) 3.5" vs the industry standard of 1.5" to return a mattress.

So, i have to buy another one today and they (Macy's) said to get the 'Hotel Vitagenic Gel-Firm'. I want a cool foam (god knows i dont want to be hot) but am finding I want an old fashioned bed vs. all the foam beds. It is so important to have high quality foam and several inches, 3" say, of high-density foam. Industry insiders of foam say these companies are using 'poor quality foam' and so that is why they are not lasting.

I can not find on Aireloom's site any detailed data on these beds (vitagenic gel-firm bed) sold at Macys. And Macy's? They have zero reviews as of 6/29/13 for this bed. So...what's a girl to do? I dont want to spend another $2000 and sink like the Titanic. Please help me find an honest rep who can tell me how good the "vitagenic bed gel-firm' is (sold at Macy's). Thanks!!

asked Jun 29 '13
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Joanne F from Hyde Park, MA
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I am sorry for your trials and tribulations. Let me first state that I do not believe manufacturers build bad beds, except for those wanna bees as I call them. Wanna Bees see a good selling bed like Sleep Number or Tempurpedic, they swarm all over auction sites selling a bed "just like it" and the customer never has the opportunity to lay on it. Then, before bad news starts traveling, they stop selling it and go to something else.

As long as you are able to lay on the bed, and be comfortable, then you have found a potential. Take your time, at least 15 minutes on each test bed. Check the warranty, read it, know what they will do. Check the price, is it lower than other similar beds or higher, ask why.

Personally I don't like buying beds from any big box retailer (that includes Macy's and the clubs) because there is generally no one around who can actually answer your questions, and they do not rely on mattress sales to support themselves. To the big box people it is all about price, quality is only considered by brand name. All manufacturers make a "good, better, best" line up. So while they may have a great reputation in their best line, perhaps the good line is not as good, but is cheaper and corporate buyers love cheaper.

Reviews are good, but should not replace laying on the bed. There is no way to shortcut the process, without getting an experience like you described.

Consider ALL technologies, some foams like iComfort, Comfortaire's Serafoam, or Sleep Harmony's Gel Latex are cooler than others. The air chambered beds have the additional ability to adjust, and most are modular, which means you can replace just the foam, if you find it doesn't work for you. Which can save you a lot of dollars.

Don't assume all foam is hot, the tech has advanced greatly in the last several years, you just need to find what works for you.

With what you described, I don't think the foam was your problem, probably the support system, and a good manufacturer should have applied warranty. The reason it is so hard to find info is on purpose, Macy's is probably the only retailer of that model. All the manufacturers change model numbers between retailers to make comparisons very hard. Look at reviews of several of their beds (the manufacturer) at any company. That will give you an inkling of their over all quality.

Hope that helps, and again, sorry for your situation. Our store finds that extremely poor customer service. Need to talk? Give us a call, we will help you out, even if we do not get a "sale".

answered Jun 29 '13
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Tom Heller ♦
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