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Just purchased a pair of Aireloom organic cotton Starbrook Luxe Top pillow top (2) twin XL mattresses to go with adjustable bed bases. Reading some reviews of other Airelooms that are not good, so having concerns. Recommendation? Advice?

asked May 27 '14
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One of the big things I would point out to you is in your topic you put organic mattresses. This is not an organic mattress, it is a traditional mattress with an organic cover. If having an organic mattress was important to you this one is not even close.

answered May 30 '14
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Hi there -- It's a good question, and one that I hope most people are thoughtful enough to ask before they make a decision.

In this case, our recommendation would be to hang in there and don't fret the bad reviews. Aireloom is a good company that puts a lot of care in making high-quality products. However, like many mattress companies, they aren't very good at getting their happy customers to share their experience. That said, they do participate in GoodBed, so they are trying to do the right thing by providing good customer service in the unlikely case that you run into trouble with your purchase in the future.

Also remember that 5% of humanity is crazy, and another 5% of people will never be satisfied by anything you do. This is not to say that all negative mattress reviews come from these types of people (not by a long shot), but it is fair to say that when it comes to mattress reviews, these two groups tend to be disproportionately vocal.

Chances are, you will be very satisfied with your purchase. In that case, I hope you'll take a few minutes to come back and share that experience to help spare other mattress shoppers from being similarly spooked in the future.

Hope that helps.

answered May 27 '14
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