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Do I need a box spring for this mattress or could I get a way with just an adjustable platform?

asked Jan 10
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Marianne from Danville, CA
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Hi. For the Hybrid Infinity, you need one of a number of foundations or frames. If you have a platform bed which has a solid base or has closely spaced slats (less than an inch apart), then that will work and you don't need an additional foundation.

If you want the mattress to sit on a standard metal frame, you'll want one with a center support/leg, and you'll need a box-style foundation. Keep in mind that today's box foundations no longer have springs -- springs don't give enough support to modern mattresses, which can be quite heavy. Rather, they share the look of a box spring, but instead of springs have wood or metal slats.

You can also use it on an adjustable base, and with that, you would also not need a box foundation - the mattress goes right on top.

answered Jan 11
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Christine ♦♦ from Leavenworth, KS
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Jan 11

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