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It’s been over 96 hours and this mattress is still not expanded. Lucid said it could take 2 weeks? If I had known that I would have never purchased it. Any suggestions on how to get it to expand would be helpful?

asked Dec 02 '20
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Hi there — Wow, I’m very sorry to hear that. This was not our experience with the one we tested, nor have I ever heard of a mattress taking more than 2-3 days to fully expand. I am guessing that the one you got must have been compressed for an especially long time —perhaps too long. If it is not working for you in its current state, I would really press them to send you a new one or allow you to return it. Feel free to leave them a review here on GoodBed to share this experience with others as well. Hopefully they will make it right and this review will be an opportunity for them to showcase their customer service.

I hope that’s helpful.

answered Dec 02 '20
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