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I just bought a new Corsicana Renue mattress. It is a hybrid mattress with spring base and foam layers. The salesperson told me it feels cool when you first get in and then it's like a normal mattress. Well I was so cold the first night I even put a blanket on top of the mattress. My skin felt like it was burning from the cold as if I were sleeping on ice. No matter what side I turned on I was miserable. My shoulders and legs were cold and burning all night. The painful cold burning sensation lasted all the next day. What is causing this? Is there a chemical in the mattress that is causing the problem? Is the mattress too soft? Please help. I can't sleep like this. Just want the cold burning sensation to stop.

asked Sep 19 '20
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G from New Iberia, LA
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Asked: Sep 19 '20

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