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Why doesn't my new gel memory foam hybrid plush mattress feel cool at night...? I wake up very warm and sweating. Isn't it supposed to have a cooling gel inside?

asked Aug 06 '13
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Advertising Gel as cool is a scam. Memory foam sleeps hot. Adding gel makes it less hot, but in no way "cool". The mattress industry is big on shirting issues and promoting that, which does not work. Latex sleeps cool. It's the only upholstery material that does....always has. Latex has been the best material available since the, comfortable and durable.

answered Aug 06 '13
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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Hello and thank you for your question!

Gel memory foam's cooling effect really only lasts for a short period of time as you fall asleep. Anyone saying these types of mattresses sleep much cooler all night long is being misleading. Also, gel memory foam brands will differ in other design elements, like a more breathable cover, that will create a cooler sleeping surface.

As Peter said, Latex is definitely a cooler upholstery material than a polyurthane based foam, like memory foam.

If you are sleeping hot, there are a couple simple steps to take to ensure you are more comfortable with your current mattress:

1.) The most important factor to sleeping cool is your bedding. Using all natural fabrics that are breathable will definitely help with a cooler sleeping surface. Avoid polyester bedding if you sleep hot.

2.) Our bodies like a slightly cooler sleeping environment than most sleep at. Recommended room temperatures are between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

3.) Make sure the room has good airflow. A fan on low and an uncluttered room make for a better sleeping environment.

Thank you again for your question. I hope our suggestions do help you. If you have any other questions please feel free to call our service line at 888-945-5949.

answered Aug 06 '13
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Kevin Williams ♦
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Depending on the mattress and what it is made out of, if the base is petroleum then it will reflect the heat moreso than a palm base, which is natural base.

The biggest point is the breathability of the memory foam, or the mattress. Traditionally there is a fiber fill on the mattress itself, (with innerspring), this has great air flow. Most memory foam mattresses do not have great air flow. Think of a sponge with many bubbles in it, how it soaks up water, well the memory foam is the same, soaking up heat. Some memory foam mattresses will have air channels built in, with draws the heat away, following the channels away from the body and typically out the sides of the mattress.

Memory foam mattresses have two ways they “shape” to your body. The first way is by your weight, the second way is by heat. Memory foam mattresses need heat to really work. Depending on how the heat is redistributed will be the key. If it is reflected back up, you will be hot, if it is dissipated through vents, then it will be cool

That is my educated guess.

answered Aug 06 '13
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Dennis Reed ♦
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The cooling gel in your mattress is cooler than most memory foam beds, but it might be a personal preference as regular memory foam traps body heat and you feel the full effects of the temperature released from your body. The gel infused Memory foam is about 5-6 Degrees cooler. I wonder if you have tried the new Simmons Recharge mattress that has an egg crate design that will release the heat and allow the mattress to breath from the middle.

(Aug 07 '13) Dennis Reed ♦ Dennis Reed's gravatar image

Hi there,

Great response from the other experts in this forum. Great input. Unfortunately, gel-memory will not literally cool you off at night. All products with a higher density with hold heat to some extent. What the gel will do hold less heat than standard memory foam. This is something that should be mentioned by sales associates at stores. Consumers, in some cases, are under the impression that it will magically fan you off at night which is not the case. Although it doesn't, its a better choice if your worries about heat.

I do agree with the other experts in this forum that latex is the way to go. It is the most superior foam in the industry hands down. Perhaps as a last resort, look to obtain a Talalay Latex topper. Putting this in between the mattress and your body will provide a cooler sleeping surface. These are going to be more expensive than any topper you've purchased before. However, I believe you will really like it.

Good luck :)


answered Aug 26 '13
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Nick Noblit ♦
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The Gel is the latest aspect in the memory foam con game. The Gel only works for a few hours and then it's back to unbearable heat of the memory foam. In other words, you've been had by a less than truthful sales pitch.

answered Aug 27 '13
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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It seems to me that when purchasing a memory foam mattress, the customer really needs to research good and hard-as I would do when a customer of mine is making such a consideration, as these mattresses cost more than a traditional mattress. Look for a breakdown of each layer..Does it have many small ventilation holes that go through the top layer surface ? Popular consensus is these seem to sleep a bit cooler.

answered Aug 06 '13
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Pablo C from Myrtle Beach, SC
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I'd like to know what brand and model of mattress you have. We believe it's mostly about air flow through the mattress.

answered Aug 06 '13
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Ernest Shaver ♦
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Hi Ernest -- the user actually provided this info in their question but we removed it because it felt too much like a review (as opposed to a question). It was a plush model from a major brand that features both coils and gel memory foam. This way you can be free to express your perspective on why this person may still be sleeping hot on a mattress like this without having the entire conversation tied to one specific brand.

(Aug 06 '13) GoodBed Help ♦♦ GoodBed Help's gravatar image

Natural fibers are more breathable, cotton, wool, all natural latex, horse hair, flax, hemp all sleep cooler and have natural benefits such as wicking away moisture to keep you cooler and drier.

Often synthetic fibers do not sleep cool because they are made from plastic, petroleum oil, synthetic latex rubber and contain chemical flame retardants. Gel is encased in plastic. Wrap yourself up in plastic and you are going to sleep hot. What is polyurethane foam? Polyfoam: a foam made by adding water to polyurethane plastics.

If you want to sleep cooler get rid of your synthetic mattress and synthetic bedding and you will sleep cooler. A fan is great for air circulation. Some people keep their rooms like freezers. I sleep on a organic mattress with organic sheet and a light weight organic cotton blanket and I am in heaven.

Pros: Synthetic mattresses cost less but in the long run doesn't last as long as natural. Cons: Natural cost more initially because it is resourced by mother nature. All natural latex last much longer as long as there is no synthetics in the mattress.

Not sure? Ask to read the law label.

Hope this helps.



answered Aug 06 '13
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Joyce Walker... ♦
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Aug 06 '13

"Gel" is the new marketing trend for manufacturers. It feels cooler initially, but will quickly rise to your body temperature. A breathable material ie: plant-based foams, natural rubber latex and wool are your best bets for cooler sleep. If you're way too hot, ChilliPad can cool you down!

answered Aug 26 '13
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Karen Woods ♦
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