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Does a gel infused memory foam significantly decrease temperatures compared to a standard memory foam?

asked Aug 11 '13
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Yes and no. It does a little and for only a few hours, at most. In short, it's not much good at what they advertise it for.

answered Aug 12 '13
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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Yes. When Serta came to the market with their gel memory foam, they invited our management to attend a show here in our town. One of the things I was particularly interested in was if the gel would be cooler than traditional memory foam. I held a sample in my hand for the entire time we were at the show, and it still felt cool, that was with no fabric of any kind between my hand and the foam.

Since that time, a number of other offerings have hit the market, all of them remained cool as we tried them out. More recently, a latex bed with gel was released, we were amazed at the feel of that bed. Latex will last longer, but we carry both. Even our primary vendor, Comfortaire released a gel memory foam in some of their mattresses. With them, they maintain a quilted top, which insulates the sleeper from the foam offering air flow to better regulate the temperature. I would be worried that the gel infused foams might sleep too cool in colder weather. Insulating would help to regulate the effect.

Gel infusion would seem to be the future of memory foam. But pay attention to more than the foam on top, while that will affect temperature, it is not indicative of support. Alternate layers determine support. Gel does not end all the issues with memory foam, and for some memory foam is not the answer. Consider different offerings, some will merge this foam with different support systems for a unique feel, and sometimes better support.

Sleep Well!

answered Aug 12 '13
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For a short time... The gel heats to body temperature as you lie on it. Gel is the new trend to tempt the consumer, even though it has little benefit.

answered Aug 26 '13
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