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I have a Simmons Legend Ultimate Plush Boxtop. While it is the most comfortable, after about 3 hours of sleep I feel as if I am on a hotplate. Could this be due to heat retention of this particular mattress? Thank you...

asked Jul 11 '13
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Perhaps, but I wouldn't assume it. There are many factors that can make you hot while sleeping. Anything from your metabolism to the materials in the bed can do it. First, most manufacturers go to great lengths to assure that you will be comfortable on your mattress, some methods are more effective than others. So assume, at least for the moment, it is not the mattress.

I would first ask about your bedding. Many stores will suggest a mattress pad for your bed. And while a pad is a very good thing, the wrong materials for your case could inhibit air movement, creating a heat sink. If the store sold you a waterproof mattress pad with the mattress first try sleeping without it. If that helps, then consider a pad that will protect and enhance. If you do not have small children, pets, and you do not eat or drink in bed, then consider a good cotton or wool pad.

Next, look at the sheets you are using. Again more natural materials like cotton will do a better job of heat management. If you have a blanket on the bed, is it rated for the season you are in?

If the problem is metabolic, there are some products that can help. Natural Bamboo, Lyosel, Tencil materials all come to mind. Also some manufactured materials like Outlast of Coolmax may also help. Also, exercising just before bed may affect heat while sleeping.

Consider where the bed is in relation to any furnace registers. Is your room hot? Do you use a fan at night? In recent years, many thermostats are programmable, is yours letting the room get too hot at night?

And it may be the bed, if all these suggestions fail to correct the problem, and it is the bed, there are some products like the Chili Pad or a new air pad released recently can actively cool the surface, and would be cheaper than replacing the mattress.

If all else fails, and you wish to replace the mattress, there are many that do a good job with heat, do your research and focus on those. It is sometimes hard to answer all potential questions here, so if you need to discuss this further you can contact us directly here. Hope this helps....

Sleep Well!

answered Jul 11 '13
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