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We have had a BeautyRest Douglas Plush Firm mattress for about 20 months. It is a pillow top so it cannot be flipped over, but should it be turned or otherwise refreshed from time to time?

asked Jan 12 '13
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Michael W
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I would rotate the mattress from time to time if it is innerspring ...... if you sleep alone or you have a partner it will help wear the mattress evenly. Latex or memory foam need less attention.

answered Jan 13 '13
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Frank Asmus ♦
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I agree, you should rotate it every 4-6 months to allow the mattress to wear evenly.

answered Jan 13 '13
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Jeff Saunders ♦
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Yes, rotate head to foot on a regular basis for the best longevity. As humans we tend to sleep similarly each night, engaging a certain subset of springs. Rotating would change that subset up. When you need a new bed, consider other technologies that do not use springs, they generally offer less maintenance.

Sleep Well!

answered Sep 05 '13
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Tom Heller ♦
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