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I sleep on my side and need an appropriate mattress. What types of mattresses are best for me?

asked Jun 16 '13
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There are several directions side sleepers should explore. I am a side sleeper. I have been in the mattress industry for 16 years. I have never been able to change to become a back sleeper as many sleep experts have told me to do! Most of us choose to sleep on our sides because bending the knees and flexing the hip releases the tension in the lower back. I have found several solutions to protect my hips and shoulders from pressure, nerve entrapment and future pain. The Response Sleep System by Sharper Image Inspiration mattress has high and low coil systems, with the low coil voids replaced by latex foam in the hip and shoulder regions.

Another choice would be any great Latex mattress with a Latex topper such as Latex Bliss Pamper or the A3 Sandstone by Aireloom.

Always remember that all side sleepers need to have a pillow between their knees to open their sacroiliac joint to create stability for their lower back to reduce lower back tension. It is amazing how that little trick works. My ultimate preference for between the knees is OMI's Buckwheat hull pillow in standard size.

Finally to keep your pillow side ear comfortable and your airways open and to reduce snoring I love the Bios Anti-Snor pillow from Biosmart Sciences. This great pillow actually has an ear hole. It is brilliant and based upon clinical sleep research and bio-mechanical technologies. The pillow lifts your head and also reduces the weight of your head on your shoulder. This pillow has just arrived on the market and Get-A-Mattress has a limited supply which you can order by phone 805-481-3100 for $129.

On the lighter side I recently heard one of the Get-A-Mattress sales associates ask a nice young lady if she was a side sleeper, "Yes I am" she answered "I always sleep on the left side of the bed and my husband always sleeps on the right side of the bed!" I hope these tips make your sleeping experience a wonderful one!

answered Jun 16 '13
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