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Hello. My bed research has me going in circles. Let me start by saying I am 5 foot 11.5 inches tall, I am currently 300 lbs but on the path to 250 lbs and below to hopefully 200 lbs for newly discovered health condition reasons. Very motivated to loose weight as fast as possible so I don’t want a pure heavy person bed that will only be useful for the months I am losing weight. When I sleep, I tend mix positions equally between side and back the most, with a dab of reading on my stomach sometimes.

I did go to Macy’s the other day and wow, all my hard research so far is so paper only. I found results I did not expect. Purple 2 was interesting, comfy and supportive, but still stiffer than I imagined, I think I would like a Purple 3 more, but I’m worried that any Purple is a dangerous choice to match shifting weight to great back support. It is such a wild card in back support qualities that I am not certain I can trust it to work for me and it’s pricy to boot.

I then tried the Loom and Leaf in both relaxed firm and firm. I noticed the awesome build quality right away and I like the cotton cover. I found the firm way too firm at first blush. The relaxed firm also very much a firm with some padding as in I really wished for one more step down to medium firm or medium in softness but for sure but loved the supported feeling. Both just felt too hard at first feel but I did keep flopping on top of the relaxed firm to compare a bunch. It did draw me back a bit.

Then I tried a Sealy Premium Hybrid Silver Chill Firm and a Sterns and Foster Estate Rockwell Luxury Firm Euro Pillowtop. The Sealy has a significantly deeper memory foam feel vs all these other options. I did dig it a lot. But it also felt my hips sank a bit too low on subtle scrutiny but even so I was very comfy. I don’t know I that would be a long term problem, most likely it would, but in that 5 minutes I loved it. Or perhaps I imagined this and this deeper feel is how decent memory foam feels as I did not feel any discomfort while I sampled the Sealy. The cover was not as luxurious feeling to me as the Loom and Leaf all cotton one despite its cooling properties. I am thinking at this point that maybe I want to do a significant memory layer in my bed.

I had previously courted the idea of Talalay latex hybrid with the Birch and the WinkBeds ExoCloud. I like the idea of a foam that has bounce yet is cooler sleeping and still conforms a bit. However, I still fear the unknown quality of how it truly compares to a really nice memory foam hybrid as I have never sampled any latex or latex hybrid bed yet. The extra wool layers on the Birch somehow really appeals to me while the EcoCloud has the better heritage as the WinkBed itself is so popular I almost ordered it in the Luxury Firm twice. It seems great but I wonder about how that marshmallow top really feels, if I will like that or should I go for a more memory foam or latex foam dominate feeling top layer. And I heard it’s hard to keep sheets on it as it’s dimensions are so tall and slightly uneven. I assume the build quality is on pare with the Loom and Leaf and the Saatva bed. I thought of the ZenHaven but everyone says I need pocketed coil springs over 250 lbs. Yet the Loom and Leaf without any springs felt just fine support wise in the Relaxed Firm, again a bit too firm but still nice with the memory foam too. I wonder if WinkBeds is using dense enough foam for durability is the MemoryLux and the WinkBed all use compressed box shipping now. Is WinkBed as good as they say? Is the Saatva above it or below it in build quality? It’s not clear to me. Compared to the best there is? Not sure!!

But that Sterns and Foster Estate Rockwell Luxury Firm Euro Pillowtop felt super nice and looked super high end. So does Sterns and Fosters other high end offerings. But then I read S&F’s and Sealy’s long term durability is always in question. And that WinkBed claims it’s way above that with only 2% sag. The Rockwell had this amazing firm enough yet soft combo I liked a ton and based on first feels alone is the bed I liked the most that day of testing. But it’s all for nothing if the durability isn’t there at all. And yes that Rockville pillowtop while awesome does seem like an item that would break down over time. WinkBeds pillowtops do seem to do a better job, they look more durable with a quilted in soft foam - but the big question is how does it feel? Will I like it over a more memory foam feeling bed? I just don’t know. On paper All three WinkBeds impresses me and even more than the already impressive Saatva does. Loom and Leaf vs MemoryLux is a tough call on paper for example.

And round and round I go. I was even looking at all four Tempur-Pedic Pro/Luxe Breeze models, especially the hybrid medium one. Is the Luxe Breeze Soft a medium or a true soft? The Luxe Breeze firm looks too firm. And the price is sooooooo high on all of these Pro / Luxe Breeze models. I’d pay up if I could just end this mattress search though. Helix looks cool in that customized mattress quiz matching your body, but I don’t think of it as an upper contender in Luxury beds or anything. And the rest I have not looked at.

I’d like to be no more than $3000 to $4000 for the queen or king mattress with a basic bedroom platform support and frame. Later I want to purchase an adjustable base to help with sleep apnea, sometimes acid reflux, and to put my legs up as they do swell sometimes a bit if I sit all day at my cubicle job and then fall asleep in a chair. I’m so afraid of making the wrong choice, even with the free return periods. I would like a decent chance of getting it right the first time to avoid multiple return hassles. Last time I bought a bed of any quality it was a $1500 mattress at the store from I forget which brand and it was OK, cheap cover and build, it was a softer medium plush and it was too soft in the end. All of these beds are likely better than that one purchase but I’m still paralyzed. Please help me out if you can. I really want to take a trip to New York to try them in WinkBed for example, I feel the more I try in person the better. As reading and YouTubing and especially reading user reviews is leading me in a giant circle. Some even said the WinkBed is junk which I don’t believe one bit. Can big names in stores even be trusted over a quality online place? Is online the best way to go? Seems the competition online is breeding innovation and the big store brands are not built to last. Save Tempur Pedic which is just wallet draining.

I just want a luxurious bed that hopefully will not break all of the banks and feel amazing in the short term and in the long term and as I lose a good 100 lbs of weight, that is somewhat durable and compatible with an adjustable frame from a decent company with a track record if possible.

asked Aug 04 '19
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Aug 04 '19

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