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So I'm stuck picking out a mattress from the selection at a specific retailer to exchange a 2 month old aireloom mattress that had indentations after only 2 months (I am a side sleeper who weights 125 lb) and the only options there that I'd consider are Beautyrest Black vs. Stearns & Foster Cassatt or S&F Rockwell Plush. I prefer the pillow top feels, but in reading it seems like these may be the driver of most indentation issues. Anyone with good insight on quality between these 3 options? I'm finding reports of indentations on both the Black and Cassatt which is the only reason I'd consider the Rockwell and I guess buy a topper. Price is not really a factor since I already bought the Aireloom which was pricier than all the alts and of course I don't get the price difference back - If I go Rockwell, I'd be stuck shelling out extra for a topper somewhere but of course if that's the best course I'd rather just do that than be miserable. appreciate any feedback.

asked May 26 '19
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what about a rockwell plush pillowtop. supposedly softer than just plush.

answered Sep 25 '19
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Sonya from Philadelphia, PA
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Asked: May 26 '19

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