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I purchased a sealy bed from the sleep outfitters in marysville Ohio located on Delaware ave.ur web site states that location is permanently closed,and that is a huge problem for me and many others,all my contracts where at the location,I need copies of all documents sent to me now,I am having issues with my bed it was purchased in mid.december of 2017 and my documents r missing and the store promised me that they keep copies of all paperwork for my purchase,I had it financed through Wells Fargo and have a furniture purchase credit card for ur stores I called Wells Fargo and they can’t help me all they said they can do it get a store receipt for my proof of purchase for my warranty I need to have my bed looked at so I can have it repaired or replaced right away,I have all my paperwork except the paperwork I signed when I bought my bed and financed it I paid my bed off months ago now that my location is closed and all others r way too far from me I can’t get to any of the other locations at all I need ur help getting copies of all the documents the sales person had me sign at the time of the purchase,I need them right away like days ago,I had planned on going to my location on Monday 4-27-19 but due to ur closing my only location in Msrysville Ohio it is impossible to do that,and now I have a huge problem and so do u,I have been trying to call the Marysville store for a week an keep getting a recording to dial an extension which there isn’t any extension,so finally I found ur web site just to find out the only location inMarysville Ohio is per entry closed down so now I can’t get to any of ur stores,no transportation anywhere outside of Marysville so u r going to send me all my paperwork copies as ur other location most certainly have all documents transferred to ur nearest location to Marysville Ohio

asked Apr 22 '19
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Asked: Apr 22 '19

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