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I am a lightweight side sleeper and looking for something that will cradle well for narrow waist/wider hips but hate memory foam. In store at least, I've liked both Aireloom Augusta Luxetop or Chattam & Wells Olivia Plus so think the common denominator is the latex over innerspring. Are either of these mattresses worth their high price tag? Either better than another for lightweight side sleepers? Are there alternative mattresses to consider - from what I've read most of the online mattresses don't fit the latex over coil and lightweight side sleeper criteria well. I'm nervous of all the negative Aireloom reviews I've read. I also liked the beutyrest legend bradford plus pillowtop.

asked Feb 17 '19
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Cmm from Hillsborough, NJ
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Hi Cmm -- Thanks for your question, and sorry I missed it earlier. Latex over innerspring is indeed a great combination for many people, and one that is often overlooked due to it being historically harder to find.

In terms of the two mattresses you mentioned, we have not done an in-depth review of either of those, so I'm afraid I can't speak to their value or other characteristics nearly as well as the products we have reviewed. The only thing I can say is that Chattam & Wells is made by Spring Air, and Spring Air has historically received above average reviews and shown to have very attentive customer service, especially for GoodBed readers. So between those two choices, that is certainly something to consider.

In terms of online mattress options, there are actually are a few good latex over spring choices that have come up over the past couple years. Here are the two that we have looked at most closely, and for which we have created in-depth reviews (both written and video):

Of these, I would think the Nest Hybrid Latex might provide the better option in your case, since it comes in a "Plush" version which should be a better fit for a lightweight side sleeper like you. Alternatively, if you definitely prefer a firmer feel, then either the pillow-top version of the Avocado or the Medium version of the Nest Latex Hybrid could also be good options. I would be pretty nervous about recommending anything firmer to a lightweight side sleeper since I'd worry it would not provide adequate pressure relief or conform adequately to your curves.

I hope that's helpful.

answered Mar 06 '19
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