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A few years ago I bought the next to top of the line king size Tempur-Pedic. After 1.5 years they replaced it under warranty because it was sagging. Within 2 years the new one did the same thing. It was killing my back (I am a side sleeper, 220 lbs with bulging disc in lumbar and thoracic). I replaced it 2 years ago with a Sleep Number. I chose the P5 because I didn't want much memory foam on top due to past experience. The memory foam didn't hold up more than a few months so I added a 3" Pure Green latex firm topper($389). All has been good (except for the occasional leak down) until 3 months ago. The latex topper is sagging. I again wake up with my back hurting. I want to buy a good mattress that will give me good sleep for more than 1-2 years. I have spent a lot of money over the past few years 5-6 years on products that don't last. Please suggest a mattress for me. Thank you

asked Jul 11 '18
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Randy from Ben Wheeler, TX
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Asked: Jul 11 '18

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