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Our Simmons Beautyrest Exceptionale Birmingham Plush mattress isn't even a year old and we have sagging in the sleep areas, even though I rotate it monthly. It is very uncomfortable and I do not sleep well on it. What can we do?

asked Feb 15 '15
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Hello -- This is a tricky one, and unfortunately there may not be a good answer for you. However, here is some info that explains your options in a situation like this.

First, lack of comfort is not covered under most mattress warranties (including the Simmons warranty) because it's considered subjective. It is covered under some retailers' return / exchange policy, however it sounds like you are most likely beyond the return policy window anyway, since you've owned it for nearly a year.

Likewise, loss of comfort or support is typically not covered because it's considered normal wear and tear rather than a manufacturing defect. The one exception to this in the Simmons warranty is if the sagging / body impression exceeds 1.5 inches in depth when measured by a string laid across the mattress (when no one is lying on it). If this is the case with your mattress, it would qualify as a defect and be covered under warranty. Otherwise, you won't be able to make a successful warranty claim at this time.

In terms of other options, if the lack of comfort is due to "pressure points" on account of the mattress being too hard for you (eg, you feel pain or tingling in your hips and shoulders, particularly when you sleep on your side), then you can consider adding a mattress topper to address this problem. However, if the discomfort is due to improper spinal support on account of sagging (eg, you wake up with back pain in the morning), then investing in a topper would simply be throwing good money after bad.

The other thing that is worth investigating is the underlying support for your mattress. If either the foundation is faulty or the frame below it is allowing the foundation to bow, then these are correctable problems that might stop the mattress itself from sagging. Problems such as this should be addressed right away to prevent the mattress from being permanently damaged in the interim, and to protect the validity of your warranty.

I recognize that this might not be what you were hoping to hear, but I hope it helps in some way nonetheless.

answered Feb 18 '15
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So in other words no one is really covered regardless of what they advertise. I bought my mattress and box spring that came with the mattress on a showroom that was displayed with the bedroom set I also bought. I am 125 pounds and am the only one that has ever slept on this bed. I have had it for 1 year and 1 month. My mattress is sinking. You can see my body impression on the mattress. I wake up in horrible pain every single morning. I am now trying to find an area to sleep on that won’t sag, like the damn sides of the mattress. It’s that bad. I will do their damn string test myself and see if it qualifies for their 1.5 on sag. My question is, why hasn’t anyone gone after these mattress companies with a massive class action lawsuit? They need to be held accountable for their faulty mattresses, period. I should not have to go out and buy a mattress topper when the mattress company advertises no damn sag!

answered Mar 08 '20
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Jodi C from Henderson, NV
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