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I am looking for a new trusted budget mattress brand to replace my current one. Has anyone here owned or used the Sunrising Bedding Memory Foam? How is the experience for back sleepers?

Our mattress is disintegrating and is no longer comfortable for me and my husband. I have constant back pains and my husband recently had an accident. He fell off the roof at his job. We, therefore, need a new king sized mattress that is able to offer a personalized comfort and support. It has to, however, cost less than $400 to fall within my budget.

I have conducted searches on Amazon for days now and seem to only find a few unfamiliar brands that fall within my budget. Can they be trusted? Astoundingly, they both have good and bad reviews alike and it is quite confusing to settle on one. Kindly feel free to give your suggestions on the right brand choice. :-)

asked May 06 '18
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Donnaknapp from Austin, TX
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May 07 '18

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