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I have tried 3 queen size mattresses in less than 2 months. They are all not comfortable and cause pain in my back. I wonder how to choose a good mattress. The first mattress is too firm, and the second one is cheap and lacks support. The third one is of good price and appears to have good support and soft, but after 2 weeks, I started to feel back pain. It seems to still lack good support that causes my back and hip pain. I am 6'1 and 170 pounds. Thanks for your opinion.


asked May 11 '12
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York Z from Surrey, BC
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Jan 21 '13

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GoodBed Help ♦♦

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Hi York,

Can you provide a little more information about the beds you did not like? Information that is useful like which brands you bought and coil counts really helps spell out what kind of recommendation would give you the most benefit. And how long have you tried each mattress? I can make a few recommendations based on your feedback of them.


(May 12 '12) Andrew Schle... ♦ Andrew Schlesser's gravatar image

Hi Andrew, The 1st mattress I tried for a week and is too firm and feel too hard. It might use thick coils but I am not sure the coil count. The 2nd one is lack support and I feel pain only after 2 nights of sleep. It seems using thin and weak coils. The 3rd one is most expensive of all three. It has lot of foam and feels soft, and seems using good coils but too less. The 1st week was fine, but after that it got sagged in my back and hip. It looks like that it can not provide support for my entire body and I feel pain and can not get good sleep. All mattresses are below $750. So price may be the reason for poor quality.

(May 12 '12) York Z York Z's gravatar image

Hello York, In order to help, I would first like to know the answer to this question. Did you choose these mattresses yourself based on trying them in a store, or were they simply "recommended" by a salesperson? The best mattress for you is ALWAYS the one that feels the best for you and not one that a salesperson is "looking to move." Also. keep in mind that comfort and support are two very different things. A soft mattress, built well and used with a proper foundation, will provide excellent support. Always look for a non-prorated warrantee of at least 10 years. I hope this helps. Good luck in your search !
Michael Mark - Mgr. Bargain Beds Mattress Outlet in Concord, Nh

answered May 12 '12
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Michael Mark ♦
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Hi Michael, Yes, I tried them in a store, but because time is short, I can't feel anything wrong in store. Only after sleep on them, some after a week, I started to feel back pain and uncomfort. It is getting a better sleep on the carpet than on the bad mattresses. I am doing research online. It looks like coil count and type are the key. The bad mattresses I tried seem either having less coils or weak coils. So they can not provide enough support for my body. Any idea on this?

(May 12 '12) York Z York Z's gravatar image


Any idea the type of foam that is used in these mattresses? From the sounds of it, it is not the correct comfort style for you. If its convoluted foam, try and set the bar at 1.6 or higher. The higher the density, the less air in the foam= more durability.

As far as the coils go, don't get wrapped up in coil counts. Focus on the type of coils (at least 6" pocketed if possible) and the gauge. A 15 gauge or lower pocketed coil is usually sufficient for the support system depending on how heavy you are.

Good luck with your search. If possible stay away from national retailers and look for a factory direct store that's near you. You'll probably save 50% and the quality will be much better.

answered May 13 '12
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Nick Noblit ♦
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Hi Nick, I do not know the type of foam in the mattress. It is not convoluted foam.

(May 13 '12) York Z York Z's gravatar image

York, check out the new reverie, you can adjust the firmness daily if you like. Also comes on an adjustible base. This may be your best option as it appears your body goes through changes and you need the flexibility

answered May 11 '12
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Joey Ashley ♦
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What do you mean by adjusting the firmness daily? Please explain more. Thanks.

(May 11 '12) York Z York Z's gravatar image

comes with latex tubes inside the cover. these are firm medium or soft. You can open the cover and move them around as needed they are color coded. I decided to carry them at my store as they are really perfect for athletes needing to take as much pressure off of muscles as possible.

(May 11 '12) Joey Ashley ♦ Joey Ashley's gravatar image

How much is latex tubes cost?

(May 11 '12) York Z York Z's gravatar image

it is sold as a system which includes the electric base go to there website and check out. Alternately if you are looking for a lower price oprion I would suggest a good med. firm traditional spring mattress but get a latex topper and put on top of it.

(May 11 '12) Joey Ashley ♦ Joey Ashley's gravatar image

Hi York,

Do you shop in Canada ? If yes, which province ? Thanks


answered May 14 '12
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David Gelinas ♦
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