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I am interested in purchasing a Temper pedic mattress and I have back and hip pains. Is this a good mattress to purchase?

asked Jul 15 '13
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In the simplistic terms "memory foam" will always provide a higher level of support and pressure relief. I sell all 3 in my store so there is no saying "He doesn't sell this type or this type".

First Foam Vs Coil Vs Air . The reason "Memory Foam" is best is because of the way it supports us. Memory foam takes and absorbs the pressure we push into it. It conforms to your personal shape. I'm a big guy (6' tall 250lbs) you and I could both lay on the same Tempurpedic mattress. That mattress will conform to each of us. Giving each of us the best support possible. A spring bed supports with resistance. It pushes pressure back on to our bodies. Most Spring beds now have memory foam on top of the springs to absorb a lot of that pressure but unfortunately if there is a spring it will never absorb all of it. The downfall to air mattresses is the fact that it displaces are for matter. As we lay on an air mattress our mass goes down into the mattress pushing the air to the head and feet. Some air beds have multiple chambers that help with this but can not fully prevent what the industry refers to as the hammock effect.

As for "Off Gassing" this only happens with mattresses that are made in countries with no regulatory process. If the mattress is made in the USA then you won't have off gassing. It really is that simple. Yes all products will have a unique odor. This is normal. Just like your new car smell or that fresh scent of a new pair of shoes. "Off Gassing" is a harmful side affect of some foreign mattress that use harmful chemicals. But "New Product Smell" is absolutely normal and expected with spring, foam, and air beds. If you are worried about this at all you can do 2 things. 1. Buy USA made. 2. Buy something certified by 3rd party company Certi-Pur USA. This is a company that rates the purity of foams and will NOT allow their name to go onto any product that is harmful.

To answer your question. Memory foam will give your back the best support and provide the best pressure relief for your hip without sacrificing alignment

answered Jan 16 '14
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Jan 16 '14


I would respectfully disagree with you on the Off Gassing. Tempurpedic is one of the worst. A simple google search will fine not a few but 1,000s of complaints in regards to the off gassing. I see several people every month who have purchased one and just can't take it. One thing to even keep in mind on Certi-pur it is a group that the chemical industry is involved in from my understanding. So if off gassing is a concern and you are sensitive to this sort of things STAY away from any memory foam type product. WIth that aside there are a heck of a lot of happy memory foam customers.

(Jan 16 '14) Joey Ashley ♦ Joey Ashley's gravatar image

TempurPedic does NOT Off Gas, it DOES have a distinct scent. This is a new product scent. That is NOT dangerous in any way. Also look into the fact that TempurPedic is ISO 9000 certified. Their memory foam facilities are by far the cleanest and safest in the world this is why they are one of the very few facilities you can walk around the foam making areas of the plant without a breathing apparatus. I've toured Manufacturing facilities. Everyone seems to forget that ALL products (Shoes, cars, toys, cloths, etc) all have a "New Product" smell that doesn't make it "off gassing"

(Jan 16 '14) Robert McClure ♦ Robert McClure's gravatar image

Also keep in mind that TempurPedic beds are found in more hospitals around the world than almost any other brand. Even the Ronald McDonald Houses of America ALL have TempurPedic Beds in EVERY room. Anyone can find bad reviews on any product. People like to complain. TempurPedic is also by a huge margin the most recommended and asked for bed in the world. OF COURSE, I will be the first one to tell you it may not be the perfect bed for you. Everyone is different everyone has different needs. However I would never bad mouth a product with out facts to back it up(human reviews are opinions)

(Jan 16 '14) Robert McClure ♦ Robert McClure's gravatar image

Tempur-pedic mattresses, up until 2 years ago, did have a slight issue with that new manufacture smell. Once produced, the open cells had a membrane covering each opening, and when a person would lay down on them, these would bust open and the smell would come out. However, 2 years ago, Tempur-pedic started pre-rolling their mattresses prior to packaging. This busted those cells open to allow the mattress to "off-gas" prior to purchase. In addition, two large silicon packets were added to suck up the smell. You can see them in any new Tempur-pedic box. They listened and adapted.

(Jan 16 '14) Peter G ♦ Peter G's gravatar image

Do a search any where on the web and I think beyond a doubt they off gas, here is an example other all over the web:

(Jan 18 '14) Joey Ashley ♦ Joey Ashley's gravatar image

I think it is very easy to confuse off gassing and a new product smell. First let's look at the definition of off gassing. "give off a chemical, especially a harmful one, in the form of a gas."

99 out of 100 beds rolling off a Tempur Pedic floor are IDENTICAL. IF they truly off gassed and it were harmful, EVERYONE would complain and have serious health problems, and Tempur Pedic would certainly be out of business. The air is actually purer and safer inside the Tempur Pedic factory than it is outside.

(Jan 20 '14) John P John P's gravatar image

I guess I would just ask the others what is a temper pedic or other memory foam mattress made out of, Poly foam is the generic answer but break it down further- what is polyurethane foam? In addition was FR is used in a temper pedic. I am really not sure how you can dance around the facts on that one.

(Jan 21 '14) Joey Ashley ♦ Joey Ashley's gravatar image
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I am not a fan of memory foam, but I know there are a lot of people sleeping on it. Memory foam offers little support, it is what is underneath that will determine how well it will help hip or back pain.

I like the methodical approach to finding a mattress. We all have our beliefs, and different products feel different to different people. I have heard people very sensitive to the off gassing of memory foam, others it doesn't bother. Tempur, like all manufacturers, try to put a great product on the market. Keep in mind the amount of advertising they do, and know that, that is included in your cost of owning one. Memory foam will show wear eventually as all foams will. If this will bother you, just be aware. Tempur uses other foams under their memory foam and different beds in their line will feel different.

If you haven't considered other technologies, perhaps check them out before hand. Our store's main line is an air technology, and modular to get the very best experience for the maximum amount of time, they should out last Tempur in comfort and durability. And they are less expensive.

Look for a bed that puts you in a great posture, have a friend, spouse, or family member go with you to help evaluate your posture when you are in your preferred sleep position. Lay on the bed no less than 15 minutes, and perhaps longer, before you buy it. Judge how your hip feels after this test. 8 hours will only magnify this feeling.

Hope this helps... If you have additional questions, give us a call. We want you to...

Sleep Well!

answered Jul 16 '13
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Tom Heller ♦
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I think we all need to be careful on how "soy foam" is marketed. End of the day the soy portion of the foam will only eliminate about 10-20% of the petri based chemicals in a typical memory foam.

As far as memory foam in general it is different by individual. There are 1,000s of people who love tempurpedics, and others who have issues with the comfort or with the off gassing. Every individual is different. When evaluating a mattress write down what is important to you when shopping and stick to it regardless of the hype in the store of the new space age gel infused 42 zone hybrid confusion that most standard retailers try to confuse you with. If a clean chemical free environment is important to you, stay away from ALL memory foam. If you like the comfort of visco memory foam take a look at some that are better from an off gassing standpoint. Latex is perfect if you want both, but it will be hard to find one made of all latex and all natural.

answered Aug 28 '13
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Memory foam, the main foam in the Tempurpedic, gets poor reviews for back pain. It will, in fact, increase your pain and worsen your condition. To make matters worse, many of the 61 chemicals used to make memory foam are toxic. Besides being a lousy product with poor results, it's dangerous. Those toxic chemicals off-gas and attack your respiratory system.

answered Jul 16 '13
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