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Does the Tempur-Pedic Cloud Luxe sleep warmer than other mattresses? We live in the Midwest where it does get very hot, and we like a cool house year round. I am generally warmer when I sleep, and prefer a cooler feeling bed.

asked Nov 10 '13
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Hi there!

Great answer from Joe at Nest Bedding! I would like to add just a couple things:

Tempur-pedic definitely sleeps warmer than other foam mattresses. This statement comes from someone who knows by actually having slept on Tempur-pedic for years. Didn't used to bother me much but as the bed aged, so did I!! Now that I am menopausal, it bothered me a lot!!!

I switched to a latex bed and it is cooler! Gel infused memory foam is cooler than regular memory foam. However, it will still be warmer than latex.

Sweet Dreamzzz! Debi

answered Nov 11 '13
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Yes, I would say that Tempur mattresses have a reputation for sleeping warmer than other foam mattresses. There are a few factors why.

  1. The fabrics they use are made of polyester. Fancy names for them but they are plastic fabrics. Plastic does not absorb moisture, leading to a warmer feeling surface than say tencel, bamboo or cotton fabrics, which can absorb moisture. That is called "wicking" which pulls moisture away from your body.
  2. The density of their foam does not allow for much air flow, which means the heat your body generates has nowhere to go and makes you sweat.
  3. They require you to purchase their box spring, which is nothing more than a solid MDF board, which does not allow air flow underneath the mattress.

There are other foam products in the market with less-dense foams, which are more breathable. Also, consider using a slatted platform for better air flow under the mattress. Also, consider gel foam mattresses, Gel foams can help dissipate heat. Another factor is your bedding. Polyester sheets and down and feather comforters can contribute to heat build up in bed. Consider switching to wool filled comforters and all cotton sheets.

answered Nov 11 '13
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Joe Alexander ♦
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Mattresses with open cell technology do not sleep warm. People sleep warm. If I'm hot in a TempurPedic I'll be hot in anything. But if you like the comfort your getting and just feel hot try upgrading to the Breeze version. Breeze is what TempurPedic calls their Phase Change material. This material can help regulate your temperature as you sleep. Also if you're using a mattress protector make sure it does not have a plastic lining on the inside. You want a protector that is protective yet breathable. LOTS of places carry protectors and most make you get one with the bed. If its not breathable then it will trap in heat and not allow the mattress to breathe properly.

answered Jan 16 '14
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While I will agree with the previous answers, perhaps they did not go far enough, and try to help you find a bed that's going to meet your needs. All foam has the potential to sleep hot. Memory foam will generally sleep warmer than latex. Unless you look for a couple of things.

One of the problems I have with most memory foam beds is that they do not use quilted covers, a quilted cover will help increase airflow around your body. Second, as mentioned above, most manufacturers use synthetic fibers in the covers of their beds. Synthetic fibers will not move heat and body moisture like more natural material like wool or cotton. Some have even introduced new products like outlast or coolmax to deal with body temperature issues.

It is not strictly the foam, but the entire sleep system that you need to consider. If there is a problem with temperature control of any mattress there are some add-on products you can purchase that will more effectively control the temperature of the bed. Chili Technologies, Select Comfort, and some off brands produce topper products that proactively manage your sleep temperature on any mattress.

We hope this helps, if not, you're welcome to e-mail us through our website or give us a call at (314) 205-1166. Whatever we can do to help you, we will... But whatever your needs, we always hope that you...

Sleep well!

answered Nov 11 '13
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All memory foam sleeps warm.

answered Nov 11 '13
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