Is the TEMPUR-Contour Supreme bed good for sex?

asked Jun 29 '14
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Sure, absolutely. I love my Tempur Cloud Supreme. Though its on the soft side and I sink down a bit. The contour sup is hard and you wont sink down giving you more push back allowing you to do your thang! I think it all depends on what your going for too!. People use to think water bed were good for the bedroom Olympics. Personally I never saw it. Especially on a full sided, I just felt like it was counter productive. Give me a Tempurpedic of any flavor and I'll be going for gold!

answered Jun 30 '14
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I don't agree with many of these answers because I was with a company called Leggett and Platt, which makes coils, and we did about $75,000 worth of research on this very subject. We went to Las Vegas and interviewed over 250 people about their bed and how it performed when it came to sex. A LOT OF PEOPLE did not like having sex on memory foam. Hard to transition into different positions, sucks you in, does not return any energy. People told us they were getting off of their bed and on to the floor because it was so bad. You can look at that information and video interviews from people at ultimate-hybrid.com Keep in mind I was working for an innerspring company at the time so we were looking for a problem with foam but I can tell you it was NOT hard to find. We even hired a sex expert to talk about the role a mattress could play and she told us that if women find that if intimacy takes a lot longer or is uncomfortable in any way, the frequency will drop....sad but true! I have been in the industry for about 25 years so I actually know something about this topic!

answered Mar 29 '17
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Knowing what to look for is key in finding the best memory foam mattress to fit your needs. Foam density actually has more to do with the foams durability. Many of the best memory foam mattresses use multiple layers, each with a different mmHg, which enhances a mattress' comfort because the layers work together.

answered Nov 16 '16
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Well my opinion is that they are just fine. My first tempurpedic was a rhapsody, and worked well. Especially with her on the edge, sinking in. Could get perfect height with her legs on my shoulders. I just bought a Supreme Flex in a King, the Breeze model. I'm excited to try it out. The current female is going to get the business on it.

answered May 01 '17
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For men on top missionary, it is absolutely terrible. The mans arms sink into the bed and it is hard to change positions. It's like trying to f_ck in quicksand. I've had one for too long now, but my wife likes it. She usually has to get on top because it sucks me into the foam when I'm on top. When we go on vaca and I'm in a normal bed, she thinks I'm a rock star. Also, if you are a stomach sleeper like me, they are terrible too.

answered Apr 03 '18
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I Don't have experience with memory foam mattresses, but I would have to assume that there would be less pressure points on the knees vs traditional foams.

answered Jun 30 '14
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I have to agree with Peter. We used to own a bed Company and exclusively sold Tempur Pedic. People did ask quite regularly about how sex was on a Tempur. My wife would always say the same thing.....depends on the person. The bed isnt going to make or break a sexual experience or relationship. Nothing is quite out of the ordinary....its a bed and sex is the same on it as most any other bed.

answered Apr 14 '15
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Like quicksand, and if your partner is heavy like mines is she'll bury you.... Literally you'll be the meat in the sandwich.

answered Aug 26 '18
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Frankly, I see this as a crank question....like an adolescent making a crank phone call. If your sex isn't good, the mattress isn't what you look to, to make it better. You partners have my sympathy.

answered Jun 30 '14
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Hi Peter -- Although it might seem that way, this question has actually been raised by a lot of people, sparked in part by a Barron's article about memory foam mattress sales that ran in 2012. Since this issue is on people's minds, we felt the question has merit to be posted here, although we moved it to the general discussion area since it's so completely subjective.

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I'm sorry. It's one I can't take seriously. Even in a waterbed, you simply figured it out....if you were any good at it.

(Jun 30 '14) Peter Cancelli ♦ Peter Cancelli's gravatar image

It's a perfectly reasonable question. This purchase will be our primary sexual venue for many years. "Just figure it out" is not an option for the characteristics of the bed for either sleep or sex. Your aspersions toward the original poster are completely unwarranted.

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