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What is the best mattress for someone with major back problems who has also had a spinal fusion?

asked Nov 24 '13
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We have a patented air suspension system that molds to the exact curvature of your spine giving you that great support you need plus giving you maximum weight distribution all over and relieving neck or back pain. This is so vital because it has been proven that evenly distributed weight reduces the pressure on your body, no matter what position you choose to sleep in.

You need the best mattress for back pain relief. The ideal position for sleeping is on our backs; but most folks cannot comfortably do so since the spine’s curvature does not get that all important support, and in order to be comfortable, people have to be constantly moving around. Sleeping on a Self Adjusting Technology (chiropractor recommended) mattress lets your body lie in the most comfortable, anatomically correct way while relaxing your muscles and giving proper alignment for your spine and internal organs.

answered Nov 25 '13
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Anonymous ♦
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I wish there was one answer for this question! Since we're all built differently and have varied comfort needs, the only advice I have is getting a mattress with firm support. It shouldn't "feel like the floor" but should have comfort layers to provide relief from pressure points with substantial support layers beneath, be it foam or springs. You're the perfect candidate for a comfort test…visit a reputable dealer and try 3 or more mattresses to see what might work for you. By spending some time on beds that appeal to you, you'll be more able to find what feels right. Just turn off your brain and breathe! Our bodies can speak volumes in determining what feels right.

answered Nov 24 '13
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Karen Woods ♦
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The key is to find a mattress that will allow you to achieve minimal pressure on your joints. Doing this will allow even the fused area to relax some. You are looking for good posture as you sleep. There are four technologies to choose from, spring, foam, air, and water. Please don't discount any, especially foam and air. Both of these technologies will conform to your body, spreading pressure across a larger area of the mattress. Air technology, like Comfortaire will generally last longer,since you can change the mattress as your needs change. These beds also offer comfort materials that will enhance the posturization and comfort of your body, the fused area in particular.

The goal is the same as someone who has not had surgery, and over 80% of people do experience pain reduction, when using this technology correctly. Foam may help, however, since they cannot change, they may not last as long, particularly in your case.

Hope that helps...

Sleep Well!

answered Nov 24 '13
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The issue with latex rubber and your physical situation is that while you are likely extremely sensitive to pressure, latex is RUBBER and deflects energy, or bounces, and thus will put pressure on your body. You should focus on a good quality memory foam mattress, one that does not use harmful chemicals for the fire barrier, one that does not have toxic off-gassing. While latex is great and I make a line with zoned latex, which is better than the traditional solid latex bed, latex is going to exacerbate your ailment. As Karen said above, head into some stores armed with the information you found here and spend extra time laying on the beds. Best of luck to you!

answered Nov 25 '13
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Joe Alexander ♦
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Your spine will require firm, contouring support. It will also need a comfortable sleeping surface. More importantly, it will require a sleep system that won't wear out quickly, as most beds do today. My recommendation if for a firm Simmons Beautyrest with individually pocketed coils, topped with a layer of latex for added comfort and longevity.

answered Nov 25 '13
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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Look for a mattress you can change the feel of yourself. Without chemical flame retardants or cheap polyurethane to break down. Plus, wouldn't it be nice to change the feel of your mattress if your body changes or your needs change 10, 15 or 20 years down the road?

We import our 100% all natural latex rubber because it is more supportive than other latex rubber. Other brands, and I have tried them all, feel like foam lacking the support and comfort people, particularly people with bad backs, need. We have had the most layer exchanges with latex that feels like foam.

I would be happy to send you samples for you to compare yourself before you buy your next mattress. Just call me at (479) 966-2262.

answered Nov 25 '13
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Joyce Walker... ♦
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A good mattress will relieve back pain and adjust to your natural spinal alignment. This will relieve the pressure points in the curves of your spine and neck. A mattress should ensure that your spine makes a nice curve. This means when lying in your sleep position, your neck should curve towards or through the throat. The middle of your back should curve outwards or to the back and your lower back should always curve forward towards the stomach. A mattress should also provide enough support to the body's joints, muscles, and ligaments. These parts of the body are used extensively throughout the day and need time to recuperate. Also, your mattress should be changed every 8-10 years otherwise the mattress quality has degraded and is most likely not providing the proper support your back needs.

answered Dec 24 '20
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Zulmba from Atlanta, GA
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Dec 24 '20

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