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Hello, I purchased a Luna memory foam mattress from Sears. Do you provide customer support?

asked Mar 13 '18
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Hi there -- Just to clarify, to the extent that your question is directed at GoodBed, the answer is generally no. That said, if you purchase from a company with whom we have a trusted partner relationship, then we can typically help facilitate resolution of various issues. With other companies, such as Sealy or Sears, company representatives can (and often do) receive updates from GoodBed when questions and/or reviews are posted about their products and stores. And of course, they are free to respond to you here, which we encourage them to do.

One thing to note is that questions that have a user are much more likely to get a response than anonymous ones. This is because if a company takes the time to respond, they are going to want to know that the person to whom they responded will actually get a notification of their response. So if you are really looking for help, be sure to sign your review or question (note: you will not be added to a marketing list -- we hate spam as much as you do).

Sorry I can't be of more help on this.

answered Mar 13 '18
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