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Our mattress has developed swells. Store we got it from stopped selling mattresses. It is 5-6 yrs old. Past 6 months it's become difficult to get a good night's sleep. Loved the mattress first on... Is there any recourse? It is a Perfect Contour Reaction be Comfort Solutions.

asked Feb 11 '18
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Hi there -- As a second course of action, when the store from whom you've purchased it is either unable or unwilling to assist you, I would always recommend contacting the manufacturer. Technically, the manufacturer is the company that honors the warranty in the first place. So if you have a valid warranty claim (i.e., some sort of defect with the mattress) they should certainly be willing to support you.

The key thing you'll need to find out is what is their process is for determining whether or not you have a valid warranty claim. Depending on their policies, where you live, whether they have any other retail partners near you, and their overall willingness to provide good customer service, you may or may not need to pay out of pocket to either have an inspector come to your house or have the mattress shipped back to the factory for inspection. If the claim is valid and you haven't entered any pro-rated portion of the warranty, they will generally either repair or replace your mattress.

Bottom line: If you think there is something wrong with the mattress, it's certainly worth contacting the manufacturer. You can find their contact info on their profile page here:

answered Feb 12 '18
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