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I've taken the Mattress Match Results and noticed that the mattress Eco Terra was one of the matches.

Is this a newer model bed? As I do not see a lot of information from owners and or from your experts? Likewise, if I missed the video review please direct me to Mike's review of the mattress.

What do other users of the Mattress Match think of it's accuracy? I can't believe the overall pressure of trying to find a frigg'n mattress. I've watched most (if not all) of the video's for the top mattress company's on your website and it is even more overwhelming.

Any advise or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

-Tim N. "dazed and confused"

asked Nov 29 '17
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Tim from Island Lake, IL
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Hi Tim -- Thanks for your question. I can certainly relate to how mattress shopping can put you in a "dazed and confused" state of mind...! 😊

In terms of your questions about Eco Terra, this is indeed a bit of a newer entrant to the online space. Although we haven't yet done a formal review of this mattress, what I can say is that its use of all natural latex over pocketed coils is a tried-and-true combination that is an excellent match for a good number of sleepers. This is why it would have come up in your quiz results.

In terms of your question about the quiz, I'm sure you'd be most interested in hearing from impartial consumers who have used it. Unfortunately, since we are hyper-concerned about not spamming our users, we don't have a very systematic way of following up with them to get their feedback. That said, we have gotten numerous emails from people who have written in to thank us, which is very gratifying.

FWIW, my take on the quiz is that is probably the most useful tool available to help you quickly narrow your mattress search to options that are a good fit for your unique needs and preferences. The second you start shopping for a mattress, you start to get bombarded by tons of brands as well as unfamiliar terms like "memory foam," "pocketed coils," "gel"and the like, and its easy to get quickly wrapped up in all of that. But the reality is that no mattress is a good match for everyone (no matter what the mattress marketers tell you in their ads), so the first thing you ought to do is assess your needs (including some that you may not have considered before but could actually be important to you) and figure out what types of mattresses are a good match for you. IMHO, this is one area where our quiz -- which searches across all brands and types -- is a unique and invaluable tool. We use data from our nearly 10 years of experience + over 200,000 consumer ratings to help you quickly hone in on which mattress types (e.g., all natural latex over pocketed coils) are the best match for your needs and preferences.

In terms of the accuracy of the recommendations, I think you would be a good judge of this. Once you've taken the quiz, you can see the reasons behind our recommendations by clicking on your match score. If the reasons don't make sense to you, please let us know! Or if you want to try changing your answers, you can go ahead and retake the quiz. Another trick is that if you're wondering why some other mattress did NOT show up in your results, you can simply search for that mattress on our site and see your personal match score for that product, along with the explanation of why. [Note: I'd recommend finding pages about specific models (rather than brands), because the match scores at the model level incorporate characteristics such as softness that can vary across different models from the same brand, making them more accurate.]

Another neat trick is that you can see a list of all online mattresses that is populated with your match score for each one. This list can also be filtered in many different ways to help you more quickly narrow in on the options that are most intriguing to you.

I'm sorry if I wasn't able to answer your question as directly as you may have hoped, but I hope this was helpful nonetheless.

answered Nov 29 '17
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