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Do you know what density the memory foam is? Would you recommend this over the pacbed? I had a pacbed previously and was thinking of going for the lite, since the 11" is over my budget. I was just slightly concerned about the 2.5lb density vs. the 3.0lb. In addition, I do like the combination of memory foam and latex, so this is looking quite attractive to me.

I'm about 120 and a back sleeper, who sleeps with a 50lb dog sometimes. Most of the mattresses I've tried are too firm. The pacbed original was about right, but I wouldn't have minded a little thicker or denser top layer.

Sorry that was long and more than one question.


asked Jul 21 '17
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Lisa from San Diego, CA
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Hi Lisa -- I'm sorry for our delay in responding to this question. We haven't taken a close look at the PacBed yet, so I'm afraid I can't comment on that one with great specificity.

Regarding the Bellabed, the gel memory foam in that is 3.5 lb density, and the base layer of support foam is 1.8 lb density. FYI, you can see our discussion of those densities in the Price & Value section of our full video review of the Bellabed here (this link will jump directly to that section):

I hope that helps.

answered Jul 31 '17
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