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Are any components of Posh and Lavish foam mattresses plastic or chemical in nature, or is it all organic?

asked May 30 '17
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Our latex, wool and cotton are Oeko-Tex certified from a third party, but we are not an "organic" mattress brand, rather a luxury brand using some of the most luxurious latex, wool and cotton available. Although our fire resistant layer is one of the finest and cleanest in the industry. we do not design mattresses for those with extreme chemical sensitivities. Many retailers offer "organic" mattress brands and a retail sales person can help you find one best for you, there are several legitimate brands in the industry to choose from. OrganicPedic is the gold standard in the industry if you are looking for an organic mattress.

answered May 30 '17
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Kurt Ling ♦
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What i look for in an Organic Mattress, it 3rd party certifications, like Kurt said above, OMI is the purest mattress. But the Posh+Lavish is probably better than most. Depends on you needs. If you want to say you have an Organic mattress to your friends, buy OMI. Good Luck and Shop Local!

answered Jun 03 '17
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Jeffery S from Tucson, AZ
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No. That's the short answer. The long answer is simply look for GOTS Certification on a mattress. There are only a handful of brands that make a certified organic mattress

answered May 30 '17
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Joe Alexander ♦
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Posh and Lavish does have a natural line that is Oeko-Tex certified, but it is my understanding that they aren't 100% organic. They are a great option if you like no-off gassing, superb support, and more natural then most. Posh does have german knit cotton and some of the best wool in the world. They don't use a spray on glue or spray FR either. OMI is also another company to check out if you are interested in finding a pure organic mattress.

answered May 30 '17
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Robert Workman ♦
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