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In most commercial, non-organic mattresses, are there chemicals of concern in all of the mattress materials or just some? For example, can I use the coir for mulch or has it been treated? Are the cotton and wool shoddy chemically treated generally or is it just the topper and/or foam?

asked Feb 27 '14
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Cat from Austin, TX
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Hi Cat,

Great question and relevant because there are potentially many!

I would NOT mulch ANY part of any non-organic mattress. There are many plastics in the fabrics, likely flame retardants in the fabric surrounding the core, and any fabrics have been treated with pesticides, bleaching agents, etc. Any cotton and wool, unless certified organic, has gone through various chemical processing as well.

answered Feb 28 '14
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Joe Alexander ♦
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Make sure you check if the foam has flame retardants as these are the most toxic and should be avoided

Find out what flame barrier is used and make sure it's not toxic

Cotton is safe

Memory foam never has flame retardants

That's it

answered Feb 27 '14
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Michael Gorham ♦
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